Industrial Safety & Egress Tapes Improve Building Safety

PhotoluminescentTapeMost building owners worry themselves over the rare, but ominous scenario where everyone inside their building suddenly has to evacuate due to dire circumstances. Often only thinking about critical circumstances, building owners forget how something as simple as walking across the lobby inside their building could lead to a multimillion dollar lawsuit. How? The majority of lawsuits filed against building owners concern accidental slips and falls, usually because the floor, for whatever reason, was wet or slippery, and no notification was present. A situation as trivial as the one just described has seriously impacted many building owners for the worse, and it can be attributed to the lack of foresight to protect the building, not only for serious scenarios, but also for trivial situations. This is where industrial safety and egress tapes come into the picture because its implementation makes buildings safer.

Industrial safety and egress tapes makes every area of your building safer – hallways, the lobby, corridors, and stairwells – subsequently leaving you feeling more comfortable about the accident precautions implemented throughout your building. All building owners and office managers are best served thinking about the overall safety measures of a building, as there is no such thing as being too protected. Industrial safety and egress tapes are an excellent way to improve traction of footing in any area of your building, making water, cleaning products, and condensation insignificant and less of a hassle to prevent.

Jessup Manufacturing has been in the business of providing safety measured to building owners for decades, and its professionals know that industrial safety and egress tapes make building safer. Whether it be to prevent slips and falls, or if it is needed to help discern the best method of evacuation by making a sign legible, industrial safety and egress tapes are a product Jessup highly recommends, and will help you install in your building right away.

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