What is an Egress Marking System?

What are Egress Marking Systems?

egress marking systems

Due to the continued additions and amendments made to building safety codes, building owners can never count on the latest edition lasting long before new protocols and regulations are appended. Though the previous sentence might come across as a complaint, the overall intention to the constant changes made to building safety codes is to ensure the safety of occupants is maximized at all times, and under all circumstances. When building safety codes are changed or amended in some way, this means that new requirements will be mandated for egress marking systems. Egress marking systems provide a visual delineation of a building’s floor plan that sketches exactly how occupants are supposed to evacuate and reach a determined safe location, should an event occur that causes an evacuation. Egress marking systems will include safety products that help identify a pathway of egress. Some of these safety products include emergency exit signs, door signs, stairwell identifiers, egress markers, equipment location markers, egress symbols, glow in the dark tapes, luminous markings, and information placards. The intention of egress marking systems is to provide a level of safety that can be depended on to help occupants safely evacuate a location when primary lighting has failed. If you have been following the GloBrite Systems blog site, then you already know that egress marking systems designed with photoluminescent technology are, by far, the best and most trusted source of egress materials and components.

When installing egress marking systems throughout your area, you will need to know the requirements for these egress materials and components. The requirements and specifically laid out mandates are addressed in several codes and standards guidelines, such as the International Building Code (IBC), the International Fire Code (IFC), and the one provided by the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 101: Life Safety Code. Egress marking systems developed with photoluminescent technology – also called self luminous exit path marking technology – are presently required by both the LSC and IBC, because of the overwhelming advantages to using photoluminescent products, which has been determined through various degrees of testing an evaluation.

A proficient egress marking system, especially one that incorporates photoluminescent technology, can mean the difference between occupants reaching a safe location when called to evacuate an area, and a failure in assisting occupants in arriving at a safe location when called to evacuate a location. As you can decipher, the two outcomes are a complete contrast form one another, with one conclusion the most optimal, and the other presenting a tragic fallout. There is no reason to not install an egress marking system created with photoluminescent technology, as it offers all the safety advantages available when compared to other kinds of safety technology. Consulting with a professional from GloBrite Systems will help solidify what should be an easy decision, which is to implement an egress marking system infused with photoluminescence.

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