The Drawbacks of Lighted Egress Systems

Many building owners think of lighted egress systems as a safety no-brainer. Electric exit signs are more or less the standard for directing people during emergency situations. Unfortunately, electric egress signs have a number of drawbacks that make them more expensive and less reliable than other egress marking options. Here are the main reasons why you should reconsider whether electric exit signs are the right choice for your building:

  1. Unnecessary costs

Electric egress signage requires a constant flow of energy. While the amount of energy on any given day that a single exit sign requires is minimal, consider just how many exit signs are placed in an average commercial building. One hundred exit signs lit with incandescent bulbs cost an average of $3,500 per year to operate. That’s a huge avoidable expense. Plus, electric signs have a shorter lifespan than other options, and there are additional costs that go along with replacing bulbs and maintaining wiring.

  1. Environmentally unfriendly

Did you know that over the course of an electric exit signs life, it will use about half a million pounds of CO2? That’s an enormous carbon footprint that could be significantly reduced with an alternate egress system.

  1. Difficult installation

Electric exit signs can’t simply be set in place. They require additional wiring which adds to building costs and requires extra building time.

  1. Unreliable

Perhaps the biggest drawback of electric exit signs is that they depend upon electricity to operate. That means that during blackouts and emergency situations like fires and floods which can cut off electricity, electric exit signs simply don’t work. When lighted egress systems are needed most, they are least likely to work appropriately.

  1. Maintenance

Another drawback is maintenance on electric signs. Signs should be checked monthly to ensure they are performing as needed. Therefore, a great deal of time may be spent on maintaining signs.

Thankfully, there is a smart alternative to electric egress systems. Photoluminescent exit signs are brightly printed so that they are highly visible during lighted conditions. When the lights suddenly go out, photoluminescent signs glow-in-the-dark, creating a reliable and cost-effective egress system. Photoluminescent signs last for up to 25 years and require no energy to maintain. Contact Jessup Manufacturing Company, the makers of GloBrite® photoluminescent signs, to learn more about the alternatives to electric egress systems.

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