No Fail Egress Systems for Trains and Transit

Egress-Systems-for-TransitIn White Plains, New York, last month, a commuter train got into an accident with an SUV that had stopped on the tracks, ABC reported. The collision resulted in a fire which ultimately killed six passengers on the train as well as the woman who was driving the SUV and injured twelve others. During the immediate aftermath, passengers were confused and scared about how to exit their train cars. One passenger commented that he could feel his car getting hotter, but he was trapped in the middle with nowhere to go.

To make matters worse, the accident occurred following a November report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board which investigated five Metro-North Railroad accidents between May 2013 and March 2014. According to the report, the safety board found “safety management problems” in each of the five accidents.

Making Public Transit Safer with Better Egress Systems
It is an unfortunate reality that train accidents are a common occurrence. As train operators strive to prevent accidents, they must also work to make their transit egress systems more effective. Current transit safety solutions often fail due to a reliance on electricity. When emergency signs and lighted foot paths require electricity to illuminate, they can be rendered ineffective during blackout conditions or when a fire or malfunction causes the power to fail.

A more sensible and cost effective solution is photoluminescent safety signs and egress markings. Photoluminescent safety signs rely on an inorganic material which gets its charge from ambient light. If the lights ever go out, photoluminescent signs glow in the dark, making them highly visible, even in smoky conditions.

Photoluminescent signs are effective in the light, as well, as they can be brightly printed and reflective. Thus, glow in the dark transit safety solutions can be used to mark exits, tripping hazards, walking paths, and emergency tools in light and dark conditions, all without expending any unnecessary energy. Plus, because glow-in-the-dark signs don’t require any wiring, they reduce the amount of flammable materials found on trains.

Learn more about how photoluminescent signs and tape can make your transit egress systems safer by contacting Jessup Manufacturing Company, the makers of GloBrite® Photoluminescent Systems.

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