Getting the best Emergency Egress Markings System

photoluminescentstairmarkingsIf you work in, or are an occupant of a large building, you have probably been prepared for or versed in the steps that will be taken should an event occur that would require you to evacuate the building. Depending on the size of the building where you are located and what floor level you are on, the degree of difficulty concerning the evacuation varies. Obviously, the taller the building and the higher the floor level you are on, the longer it will take for you to reach a minimum safety distance. Fortunately, building owners spend a lot of time, money, and effort outfitting their structure with the necessary emergency egress marking components that will ensure all occupants successfully flee from danger and reach safety. However, some emergency egress marking systems are much more efficient and capable than others. Therefore, it is quite necessary to educate not just buildings owners, but also the public about what the best safety systems are and why your building needs to install these systems over others.

Often, when an event occurs that causes the need for people to evacuate a building, lights may go out in that building. As you can already surmise, the disappearance of any light source while navigating hallways, corridors, and stairwells can prove very difficult, especially when people are panicking and moving in a frenzy in order to escape danger. Should this scenario ever occur, it would be best if your building was already outfit with emergency egress marking systems designed with photoluminescent technology, so that your safety components will automatically glow in the dark, even if the power is out in your building. Photoluminescent safety products do not rely on a power source, other than the ambient energy it can store, and then use for several hours, even days. Therefore, you can count on photoluminescent emergency egress marking systems to function at one hundred percent ability, no matter what unfortunate situation that causes an evacuation unfolds. Imagine stairwells, doors, overhead signs, door handles and/or knobs, and hand rails that are lit up so brightly that you can clearly see them from any distance, no matter how dark the area becomes. GloBrite Systems offers these types of emergency egress marking products to its customers.

GloBrite Systems flexible and rigid marking film, egress pathway strips, Safety Track tape, stripe tape, and egress and fire safety signs are some of the many options available for buildings to have that can glow in the dark, illuminating a pathway and indicating directions for evacuees. Examples and photos of these products, along with item breakdown lists will provide all the information you need, and can be found on this website. Do not merely rely on the current emergency systems you already have installed in your building, especially if they are older models. Implement emergency egress marking systems that glow in the dark naturally, without the need of a dedicated power source. This way, you can provide a much better means of egress for your building’s occupants.

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