Egress Markings Are a Requirement, Does Your High Rise Building Comply?

Properly marking and directing people toward exits in your building is a requirement for high rise building owners. According to the current International Building Code, proper high rise egress markings are required to mark exits clearly in emergency conditions, which includes blackout conditions. That means that you need illuminated exit signs marking your emergency exits.

Depending upon your city, county, or state, you may be subject to even stricter requirements. For example, in New York City, all high rise buildings must be retrofitted to include photoluminescent markings in exit stairwells. This has been the law since 2006, but many building owners still fail to comply.

It’s true that building inspectors do a poor job of policing current safety codes. If you’re the owner of a high rise building, it’s likely that you’ve gotten away with not checking your exit signs and code compliance for several years.

Don’t wait for an inspector to hold you to current codes. Self-policing is essential to help ensure that building tenants stay safe and your liability remains low.

Protecting the People in Your Building
Whether in the form of a fire, a blackout, a flood, an earthquake, or a tornado, every high rise in the world will endure an emergency. It’s a mathematical certainty. When something happens that puts the safety of your residents in jeopardy, photoluminescent egress systems will help keep everyone safe.

Photoluminescent systems are more reliable in emergencies than electric exit signs and markings, which can fail in blackout conditions. With maintenance as simple as an occasional wipe-down, photoluminescent signs can effectively mark exits in your building for 25 years without adding anything to your energy bill. Likewise, photoluminescent tape can be used in stairwells to help people make their way out of your building quickly and safely.

Protecting Yourself from Lawsuits
When an emergency inevitably happens, if your building’s egress systems are not up to code, you will open yourself up to a wide variety of lawsuits. If your building endures a major emergency, that could mean hundreds or even thousands of lawsuits waged against your property. Don’t let your tenants down, and don’t let yourself down. Make sure that your building is as responsibly and cost-effectively maintained as it can be with photoluminescent egress systems.

Learn more about the International Building Code and how photoluminescent systems can help you become compliant for less by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite, today.

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