Do your Building Egress Markers Include Slip Prevention?

photoluminescentstairmarkingsBuilding egress markers can aid and assist the occupants of that building in so many ways, should an incident occur that forces the occupants to evacuate the area. Should such an incident arise, a building that is outfitted with egress markers will help the occupants reach safety by instructing which pathway should be followed to reach safety, help illuminate the pathway so the occupants can more easily see and navigate the area, and understand how to best evacuate the area by clarifying with simple to read letters that spell our exit doors and warning signs. In short, building egress markers ensure all occupants reach a minimum safe distance with as little risk or potential of accident as possible. Today, egress markers have been made even more effective by adding yet another solutions method, making them even more helpful when aiding, assisting, and instructing people to evacuate an area. Building egress markers can now be purchased and installed with a slip prevention feature, due to its amplified design process.

Building egress markers that include slip prevention features will help minimize the number of accidental slips and falls that do frequently happen when occupants of a building are called on to evacuate the premises. Please take a moment to consider the kind of situation involved when people are notified to evacuate a building: An evacuation is called for if an immediate and imminent danger to the lives of the building’s occupants arises due to a hazardous circumstance affecting the building. Most often, when people are told to evacuate a building, they assume a real threat of danger is impending that could cause serious harm or even a fatality. These thoughts will effect a panic situation. When people are in a panic, normal and rationale behavior will likely cease, and people will begin fleeing in a mass of chaos. Such behavior incited by fear generate a higher degree of accidents to occur when evacuating an area, especially since, if a large building is involved, people will be traveling down stairs, exacerbating the potential for accidents to occur. Accidents usually involve slips and falls, which, because of its frequency, can sometimes be severe, so severe that a fatality might be involved. Building egress markers that are already illuminating and identifying the pathway, making signs legible, and helping people spot potential obstacle, can still offer an additional benefit by providing a material that enables improved foot traction, which will reduce the number of accidental slips. Slip prevention solutions on an egress marker can further minimize troublesome incidents from occurring while maximizing the opportunity for occupants to reach safety without injury.

Building egress markers that include slip prevention features should immediately become a key safety and risk prevention solution for all building owners because it provides another vital safety tool that has proven to significantly reduce the number of slips and falls that occur when traveling down stairwells and navigating hallways during an evacuation. GloBrite Systems offer only the best safety components and materials to its clients, and fully endorses the use of egress markers that include slip prevention features.

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