5 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Greener

Every company has a responsibility to make itself as environmentally friendly as possible. Temperatures are rising around the world, and we must all do our part to limit our carbon footprints. Fortunately, companies can be greener while saving money at the same time with simple solutions like green energy egress systems and telecommuting programs.

Here are five simple ways your business, no matter how big or small, can become greener:

  1. Invest in motion-sensor lighting.

Many companies have a bad habit of leaving the lights on in offices and meeting rooms that aren’t in use. You can reduce your electrical bill and company morale by looking for office spaces with big windows and a lot of natural light. Then, your next step should be to install motion-sensor lighting. These lights sense when a room is no longer occupied and turn the lights off automatically. Just remember to keep important areas like reception and exit paths lit at all times.

  1. Do away with disposable cups and water bottles.

Encourage employees to bring reusable water bottles to work, and provide them with real cups in the kitchen area. Rather than stocking your fridge with water bottles, which are terrible for the environment, invest in a big watercooler or put filters on your taps. This will allow your team to stay hydrated while drastically cutting down on waste.

  1. Invest in photoluminescent exit signs.

Your old electric exit signs guzzle energy and are actually less reliable in emergency situations. By switching to 100% recyclable photoluminescent signs, you can make your workplace safer while reducing your electric bill by thousands of dollars every year. Photoluminescent exit signs like the GloBrite® Eco Exit sign are simple to install and require virtually no maintenance compared to electric exit signs. Plus, they will do their job for 25 years or more without needing any replacement parts or bulbs.

  1. Arrange a company carpool.

Set up a system that encourages your employees to carpool together to work. Create rewards for carpooling, or simply give them the information they need to find out who lives in their area and how they can set up a simple carpool.

  1. Allow more employees to work from home.

With so much work being done online, there’s probably not much reason for some of your employees to come into the office. Do a full assessment of your company structure and figure out who could work from home, either part-time or full-time. This will cut down on your company’s use of gas while also potentially allowing you to invest in a smaller office with lower energy costs.

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