Jessup Helps the Environment with Eco-Friendly Print Media

<eco friendly graphicsFrom all of us here at Jessup Manufacturing, we hope that you will take a chance today to look for ways to be more environmentally conscious. For our part, we strive to create products that are as eco-friendly as possible. With our Asphalt Art line of print media, we do this by creating recyclable graphics that allow advertisers to be more impactful with less material.

“Eco-friendly” isn’t exactly a word you hear often in the advertising world. Companies will try to emphasize that their products are good for the environment, but advertisements themselves are rarely held to a standard of eco-friendliness. And we think that should change.

Think about the last large event that you went to. How much paper was wasted on countless pamphlets, one sheets, stickers, and booklets? How much ink was wasted plastering walls with posters?

The problem with these approaches in terms of their environmental consciousness is that they require an immense amount of material in order to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t the case with the eco-friendly graphics printed on Asphalt Art.

Asphalt Art graphics make a huge impact with a lot less material. They’re able to do this by utilizing spaces that are frequently overlooked by advertisers, but rarely overlooked by people. Floor graphics and wall graphics printed on Asphalt Art tend to be extremely eye-catching, because the utilize spaces that fall within the direct eye line of people as they walk through crowded areas such as pathways, stairs, and building corners.

Floor graphics also have the benefit of being much more unexpected than other advertising forms, which makes them more impactful. People passing over floor graphics are much more likely to stop and take a photo than people passing posters, regardless of how many posters are plastered about. Thus, ground graphics tend to be a more eco-friendly advertising form, because they require a lot less to material to do a lot more work.

Graphics printed on Asphalt Art are also completely recyclable. The foil-based medium that we use can be peeled up in a matter of minutes and disposed of in a recycling bin. There’s no special process for recycling images printed on Asphalt Art. Plus, our recyclable graphics can stay in place for several months, under the right circumstances. Unlike posters and other print media which can be ruined by the weather, our eco-friendly graphics will stay in place, retain their slip resistance, and look great for months.

Learn more about the possibilities for eco-friendly advertising with Asphalt Art products by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Asphalt Art, today.

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