Dip-Spin Coating Services: Are They The Right Fit for Your Company?

Industrial Process on the Metal Gears.Dip spin coating is a manufacturing process used to add a unique characteristic to a substrate for an entire product or part. It is a very common process for items where the quality must be applied to the entire substrate. In particular, dip spin coating services are a great choice for bulk materials as the materials are dipped into an immersion tank and then spun in a drum to remove any excess.

Dip spin coating services are not an ideal choice for every situation and the most significant benefits involve the ability to support automated procedures. The option also delivers better control of film thickness based on viscosity and rate of withdrawal after application. Tanks have a number of sizes making it easy to support various sized materials. Traditional dip application methods where the parts are allowed to dry or heated have certain drawbacks including:

  • Floating of Lighter Parts on the Conveyer During Covering
  • Varying Film Thickness Between Top & Bottom (called “Wedge Effect”)
  • Development of Fatty Edges During Draining
  • Reflux from Solvent Vapors Above the Tank

Dip spin coating services eliminate some of these complications by spinning the excess off after application. The substrate or part is immersed into a tank filled with the coating material and then left emerged with no motion for a set period of time. Rotation is used to eliminate any excess and prevent issues such as the “wedge effect” or fatty edge development. Knowing if this is the right process for your needs is the hardest part. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced professional regarding the substrate, covering material, and your individual attribute needs.

What to Discuss with a Professional
While some benefits are quite obvious, one significant advantage is the ability to minimize required coating material as well as waste disposal. Additionally, dip spin coating delivers greater transfer efficiency over alternative approaches for certain substrates and materials. Needless to say spinning parts or materials to remove excess coating is not the best approach in every situation. For example, since lighter items will float in the tank, another choice might be better when needing to coat smaller components such as washers.

Dip spin coating is an ideal option for items like construction fasteners, clamps, springs, nails, screws, and other items that recover qualities such as anti-corrosion. Many considerations come into play as you ponder dip spin coating services for gaining a specific quality or attribute including:

  • Material Weight & Viscosity
  • Component Size & Weight
  • Type of Substrate
  • Amount of Covering
  • Required Qualities
  • Finished Results

Before choosing dip spin coating services, it is essential to make certain this process will be able to cover properly, deliver the right quality, and not cost too much. Furthermore, it is just as important to evaluate the experience of any professional. The right amount of experience ensures that you will receive the desired results from this process. Jessup MFG has been providing custom coating assistance for over 50 years and we offer dip spin coating services along with several other options to ensure you get the right method for the right goal.

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