Custom Grip Tape Products & their Applications

Jessup custom grip tapeCustom grip tape has been in the public eye for quite some time; it is just that you might not have noticed. Grip tape is most recognized for its use in skateboarding, where skateboarders rely on skateboard grip tape products for traction, friction, and footing when performing stunts. There is no doubt that skateboarders helped make grip tape products become a known commodity. However, there are several other uses and applications for custom grip tape that are as important, if not more important, than use for recreational activities and sports, and that includes everyday safety measures.

Other applications for custom grip tape include the implementation in buildings. Falls, slips, and trips are the most common kinds of accidents involved in buildings. Accidental slipping and falling is the most serious types of injuries in the workplace. The human body, when falling in an awkward manner, tends to be quite fragile, especially when you are not prepared to brace yourself for impact. The most common cause of these types of accidents involves slippery floor surfaces. Water, the accumulation of condensation, soap residue, and cleaning substances can cause a person to slip, which is why most building owners have begun investigating the applications and implementation of custom grip tape products to reduce and prevent accidental falls.

Another application of custom grip tape products involves events that call for evacuation. People located on the top floors in larger buildings will have to descend several flights of steps to reach safety. When panicked and rushing, people tend to become more clumsy and selfish, meaning accidents can come about if people are frantically evacuating an area. Therefore, building owners should place grip tape on the stairs, and even on the rails. Why apply custom grip tape on rails? When you have a chaotic mass moving in an enclosed area, people are sweating, resulting in sweaty hands. When numerous sweaty hands are touching a rail, it becomes slippery from the excessively oily skin. Therefore, if someone reaches and grabs a slippery rail, he or she might lose grip and fall down the stairwell, with the possibility of seriously injuring himself or herself, and likely hurting others while tripping over bodies. This frightening scenario could lead to a swarm of injuries that will prevent most from descending the stairwell and reaching a safe point in a smooth and timely manner.

All responsible building owners should investigate the benefits of application of custom grip tape products for their building or specific location. Contact Jessup Manufacturing today. Their experts can help you determine whether the application of custom grip tape products is a smart safety investment (is it not always?) for you and our company. For over fifty years, Jessup has been assisting companies in the improvement of safety measures for their locations. Jessup is ready to help your business install the best safety applications in your building with the use of custom grip tape products.

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