Custom Floor Decals Belong in 2014 Advertising Strategies

pizza hut floor decalWe are already almost three months into the new 2014 calendar year, and it is possible your advertising agency is still pondering fresh marketing opportunities and advertising strategies to use in the new year. Most marketing firms view a new year as a time when fresh and innovative methods of advertising should be approached and examined, as what may or might not have worked in the previous year is in the past, and should not be revisited even if the idea was successful, because it is now considered stale. People and businesses love new advertisements that have not been done before, which makes devising new advertising strategies a constant struggle. Therefore, if you happen to be an advertising executive or a member of a prominent marketing company desperately trying to take your advertising in a new direction for 2014, it is time to consider custom floor decals as a serious contender among your advertising strategies.

One idea that is rapidly gaining traction and popularity, but as of yet, has not gone completely mainstream, is using custom floor decals for social gatherings and other marketing events. Companies are available, such as Asphalt Art, that will design and create a digital image of virtually anything a customer wants that can be rendered on a computer aided design (CAD) software, and then print out that image in any shape and size the client desires, which then becomes their floor decal. The custom floor decal will be printed on paper with adhesive backing so the client can place it on the floor, ground, stairwell, or wall of any indoor and outdoor location.

To see examples of custom floor decals that may help you get a better visualization of what is being described here, please visit the Asphalt Art gallery. On the website, you will see examples of incredibly detailed and vibrant floor decals that have been custom designed to the client’s liking. You will notice that these custom made floor decals look absolutely authentic, rich in detail, and perfect for use as an advertising strategy for your upcoming event.

Once you have finished viewing examples of custom floor decals on the Asphalt Art website, and decide that the use of floor decals should be a part of your 2014 advertising strategies, the next step will be to decide the kind of floor decal you need. No worries, as you simply have to determine whether your custom floor decal will be placed indoors or outdoors, if the floor decal will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic, or even vehicle traffic, and if the floor decal will be in close proximity to something that could cause it to become wet. Asphalt Art can customize floor decals to manage any of these scenarios.

Do yourself a favor and contact Asphalt Art, and learn more about the company’s custom floor decals. Break into 2014 with a fresh advertising strategy that will impress everyone attending your social function. An Asphalt Art representative will gladly answer all the questions you have regarding their custom floor decals.

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