Types of Specialized Coatings for Product Enhancement

industrial coatingsIn the industrial business, one learns fast that there are countless types of products and materials that need to be used to make a specific operation function. Quite often, those materials the make up a whole will require a type of specialized coating in order to promote product enhancement. Be careful though, because a material you have that needs a specialized coating means that wherever you take your part to have coating placed on it, that business will need to be able to provide highly customizable functionality to its coating method in order to satisfy the requirements of your parts. Part of offering customizable or specialized coatings to companies means that a business needs to have on hand different types of specialized coatings available for product enhancement.

The following is a list of some of the types of specialized coatings that are available:

Functional Epoxy – Offers excellent corrosion protection and electrical insulation properties. Functional Epoxy is typically on auto alternators and electric motors. Also used on oil field piping and steel re-bar for bridges and highways.

Thin Film Epoxy – Visually attractive and durable coating, thin film epoxies are used mostly for indoor coatings (toys, bathroom fixtures, etc.) because when exposed to long periods of sunlight, it might produce a chalky color.

Urethane Polyester – Gives excellent thin film appearance while still withstanding ultraviolet rays. Generally used on garden equipment, office equipment, boat trailers, and light fixtures.

Polyester TGIC – Polyester TGIC provides excellent gloss and durability, while maintaining edge coverage, along with chemical and impact resistance. Polyester TGIC is used to clear coat aluminum wheels, outdoor furniture, and fencing.

Acrylic – Provides excellent exterior gloss retention, as well as good thin film appearance and chemical resistance. Acrylic was originally used for appliance industry applications.

Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid – Great chemical and corrosion resistance, although lacking in color retention. Used for water heaters, power tools, and shelving.

Ultra-Low Bake – As opposed to conventional powder coating products, ULB powder coatings can be cured at low temperatures. As a result, ULB powder coatings do not cause much thermal stress to the substrates, making them an optimal choice to cure heat sensitive substrates such as engineered wood or plastics. ULB powder coatings are already successfully applied to various MDF furniture applications.

Anti-Microbial – Offers supplemental protection against the growth of microorganisms in a wide range of applications. Bacteria, fungi, or algae—when present—can produce mildew. In certain cases, this leads to degradation of the base material.

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