Laminating Flexible Substrates – Discover Converting Solutions

One of the more difficult solutions for laminating products is the need to laminate flexible substrates. The lamination of flexible substrates might be hard to uncover, as many companies do not offer this type of complicated conversion solution. However, enough research should help you discover companies that provide very unique and customizable converting solutions. Jessup Manufacturing is the type of substrate laminating company that can work on flexible substrates.

Often, flexible substrates need lamination for added strength and support, because they are made of flexible materials that give easier than stiff or hardened materials. The proper lamination can turn a flexible substrate into a reliable material with needed flexibility that can still withstand force and pressure. This type of converting solution is tedious to perform, which is why many companies do not offer this kind of custom lamination. Luckily, Jessup, a company that has been in the laminating business for fifty years, is quite adept at producing incredible lamination on flexible substrates.

Offering converting solutions is a skilled craft that companies try to master, but end up only offering limited resources. Any company involved in an industry that requires substrate lamination and conversion knows that there are numerous different laminating, custom coating, and conversion needs available for the myriad materials that depend on this process. Discover a highly proficient converting solutions company at Jessup Manufacturing, a business that can manage all of your needs for the lamination of flexible substrates, the custom coating of photoluminescent materials and anti-slip materials, as well as other converting solutions.

Jessup Manufacturing Company has been a leader in custom coating and laminating of flexible substrates for over 50 years. Supported  by our total commitment to quality, service and budget, we provide premier custom coating solutions to enhance and add value to your existing product line. Let Jessup complete your manufacturing process with our custom coating and converting solutions.

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