Custom Thermal Laminating Services

One of the many reasons why lamination is performed is to protect printed materials. A laminate is considered as the joining of two or more layers to give strength, stability, and a nice finish to a product. The bonding of one or both sides makes an effective laminated object. One type of lamination is thermal laminating, which is the process of using a heat sensitive film that offer the ability to create a bond through its heat and then the pressure of that heat pressing the laminate onto the material, encapsulating it.

Types of thermal laminating films:

There are a few types of thermal laminating films that can create a formidable laminate onto a material, which are listed below:

  1. BOPP / OPP Thermal laminating Films
  2. PET (Polyester) Thermal Laminating Films
  3. Nylon Thermal Laminating Films
  4. Metallized Thermal Laminating Films

The following is a type of thermal laminating machines that can produce a solid laminate—the Hot Roll Laminator.

A Hot Roll Laminator uses heat sensitive lamination supplies. Laminating is done due to the effect of heat under pressure in hot roll laminator.

Film is passed through a heated steel roll and laminating adhesive starts melting because of the temperature. Hot roll laminators have different temperature controls built in. Heated roller temperature can vary, but it happens at 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A circulating oil or electrical heaters are used to maintain heating of steel roll.

Heat sensitive layers of laminating film never directly come in contact with the heated roller. Laminating adhesive such as EVA – ethylene vinyl acetate – is common for this sole purpose. Adding additional adhesive thickness provides a cushioning effect in the laminate and results in improved bond strength.

The following features are a part of a Hot Roll Laminator Selection:

  • Laminating width range
  • Laminating thickness
  • Maximum film thickness
  • Speed of lamination
  • Number of rollers
  • Heating adjustment controls


Jessup Manufacturing offers thermal laminating services. Contact Jessup if you are in the need of this kind of laminate, as Jessup has been in the business of providing premier laminating services for over fifty years.

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