What is Custom Converting & What Is It Used For?

Photoluminescent and anti-slip films offer companies the opportunity to improve the quality or safety of products. Custom converting services involve using coatings to add these qualities to an item such as a building safety sign or consumer product. A building with the necessary signs in place for fire safety compliance is a good example. Photoluminescent additions deliver the chance to make these items more effective and conversion services are an applicable choice over buying all new signing. A photoluminescent film can be placed on top of existing signing to provide this quality for increased evacuation visibility. An equipment or vehicle manufacturer can include anti-slip coatings as part of the footing rail to provide enhanced quality in the form of a slip resistant surface. The applications of these films are endless and truly depend on the desire of an owner.

Custom converting services involve covering the materials used to create a product or performing the tasks necessary to complete it. A film is applicable on almost any form of flexible substrate and companies offering this service deliver a variety of adhesive systems to meet exact needs. These three methods are common for coating a substrate: Knife over Roll, Meyer Rod, or Saturation. The listed methods are used in conjunction with specific types of coatings based on the requirements of the material or product being covered. Acrylic or rubber pressure sensitive adhesives, low or high temperature heat/solvent reactivated, and custom saturation coatings are a few of the options provided as part of this service. A custom converting specialist is capable of cutting these items to exact specifications or providing entire sheets to cover items as desired.

The Many Uses of Custom Applications

Anti-slip coverings provide an easy option for adding traction to any flexible substrate. Building egress safety is popular use of photoluminescent coverings due to its supplied visibility properties. Self-luminous coverings add visibility qualities to items outlining areas such as:

  • Stairwells
  • Hand Rails
  • Landing Areas
  • Obstacle Outlines
  • Fire Equipment Identification
  • Exit Signing
  • Marking Tapes

Photoluminescent film is additionally beneficial to manufacturing facilities where a blackout could cause serious injury. Marking tapes or other materials with this covering are placed around or on equipment for identification purposes. Traction tapes are also advantageous in areas where a spill could go unnoticed or evacuation situations might lead to falling accidents. Anti-skid coverings have alternative applications such as:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Outside Ramps
  • Loading Docks
  • Boats
  • Pool Areas
  • Baths or Showers
  • Kitchens

Custom films are applied to items used within the above areas to provide continuous visibility or further traction. Kitchen areas are particularly prone to liquid or grease spills and the addition of anti-slip materials to certain items drastically diminishes the chance of an injury. While these are the most common uses of custom converting, the service is applicable to business customers desiring to improve their own product. Films added to signing or any other form of flexible substrate heighten the value offered by a product. The advantages of this service are abundant and any company has this form of customization as an option when desiring to create a safer environment or products.

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