Custom Coating Services & OEM Finishing Applications

JessupSafetyTape2By definition, OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, is the purchasing of manufactured products or components by another company from the original maker of the parts and materials, and then that purchasing company then sells those products on retail under the purchasing company’s brand name. Therefore, OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. There are many other secondary definitions for OEM, but as it pertains to custom coating services and its application on OEM products, this blog will discuss OEM as it concerns the purchasing company of the OEM applications.

OEM Applications

Original Equipment Manufacturing products are almost always purchased as a native material, meaning nothing has been done or added to the product before it exchanges hands to another company. It is more than likely that the company that now has rights to the materials will need a custom coating services business to coat the materials before those materials are put into use. OEM applications are customary among industrial organizations, and the need for custom coating services is imperative for those OEM products to operate at full capacity.

OEM Finishing

The trickiest part in the entire Original Equipment Manufacturing application process is to find a custom coating service that can handle the type of specialized coating you need for your OEM parts. Many custom coating services say they can tailor their operations to meet any demand, but this notion tends to be more false than true, especially when it comes to new custom coating services that have not been exposed to the myriad specialized coating needs that come form numerous different industrial businesses.

Jessup Manufacturing has been delivering consistent success regarding custom coating services for decades. You may hear from several companies that they will be able to specialize their custom coating services to handle your particular needs, but from our experience, it is wise to go with a company that has been in the coating services business for a long time, and understands the multitude of different customizing needs for each individual company. Jessup is that company.

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