Custom Coating and Converting: Photoluminescent & Non-Slip

Safety tape can do more than simply deliver a slip resistant surface with the help of custom coating and converting. An extensive variety of products is available to a facility for making an environment less prone to accidents. Non slip products can be applied to numerous locations including stairs, equipment, and loading areas to prevent an individual from suffering a fall. Slip resistant products are coated with a grainy material that helps in combating wet conditions where an individual could easily fall. Photoluminescent films are an additional coating option for reinforcing an implemented egress plan. Self-luminous items drastically improve an egress route by supplying visibility in situations where light or additional evacuation sources are not available. These products are not only affordable, but also an eco-friendly choice you can implement to create a greener building.

Photoluminescent Options Deliver Specific Advantages

Photoluminescent items are beneficial regardless of the structural purpose because they illuminate as lighting dims or smoke enters a building. Countless facility owners are choosing this option to improve:

  • Fire Safety
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Slip Protection
  • Premises Safety

In the event of a fire, custom coating and converting services such as a self-luminous film can be of great assistance in thick smoke conditions. Not every fire will produce smokestack like conditions; however, this safety traction choice proves to be extremely advantageous when this type of atmosphere is present. You can install self-luminous tape on stairs, in landing areas, or additional locations to deliver heightened visibility to everyone residing in the building when an emergency situation takes place.

These products supply a trustworthy source over standby lighting or other methods that still have the possibility of failure. Structural damage, power issues, and equipment malfunctions can cause these items to be unavailable. Self-luminous tapes are a good secondary measure for continued visibility. While photoluminescent markings are available without traction characteristics, you can install slip resistant self-luminous options for improved safety without overextending financial spending. Deciding to use regular traction tape only prevent slip-related incidents whereas custom coating and converting options with self-luminous properties act as a double edge sword in emergency scenarios. Property owners are liable for every accident occurring on the premises. It is a good idea to implement several safety precautions for avoiding costly injuries to those residing, working, or visiting the structure.

Basic traction tapes are coated with a grainy film designed to allow for gripping in hazardous locations. It can be applied in general building areas, on construction equipment, motorized vehicles, outside a structure, around machinery, and in various dangerous areas to prevent an individual from slipping while climbing or walking.  Products can be purchased in varying grades and should be chosen based on the designated purpose. A film of photoluminescent compound is added to provide illumination under certain building or environmental conditions. This film is non-toxic and contains no radioactive materials. Its glow is derived from stored energy received from surrounding light. It can provide additional protection from personal injury lawsuits and offers the supplementary visual aid individuals need to properly exit your building under the most extreme emergency conditions.

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