Commercial Coating Consultants: Picking the Right Supplier is Essential

industrial coatingsIf your product needs a professional or custom finish, then commercial coating consultants are the best choice for getting the right covering material, process, and results. Commercial coating services are typically used to cover flexible substrates, for laminating, or to gain product conversion solutions. Choosing the right professional is the biggest part of the battle toward product improvement as quality and practices are equally important.

Commercial coating consultants offer a number of solutions to businesses ranging from standard to customized choices. The first decision should be the provider’s ability to supply the desired coating and their experience. As you evaluate potential service providers, here are some questions to consider:

  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Do they offer the desired type of coating?
  • Will the covering properly adhere to the surface being coated?
  • What application choices do they currently offer?
  • Are they able to deliver customized solutions?

If the commercial coating consultant cannot deliver what is needed, then you are wasting your time. They must have enough experience to not only understand specified requirements, but also to deliver the best options for enhancing the product. For example, if you desire to add a coating for anti slip or traction purposes, then the provider should be able to deliver the right grade, proper application process, and most viable options. There is no point in choosing a company who is unable to work with the necessary materials or does not offer the proper application method.

What Qualities Should a Commercial Coating Consultant Evaluate?
Taking a little time to assess current or future requirements in conjunction with the abilities of potential commercial coating consultants ensures that you are covered as product requirements change. An experienced commercial coating consultant will be able to provide the best recommendation by evaluating these items:

  • Application Surface
  • Performance Conditions
  • Aesthetics
  • Life Expectancy
  • Difference in Costs
  • Application Methods
  • Installation Parameters

These factors are highly important when choosing the type of covering and application method. Performance conditions may include exposure to chemicals, weather, traffic, impact, and temperature fluctuations. A dependable commercial coating consultant will be able to properly evaluate these factors and recommend the most suitable option. They should also be able to assess the surface qualities to recommend the best materials. The coating requirements will be different based on the surface with a large variance between substrates like plastic or wood.

Make certain the provider understands the desired thickness, type of polymer, appearance, and finish for your needs. These questions are also important as you evaluate and choose a commercial coating consultant. Will they able to provide the required finish and are there alternative coats capable of delivering better results? What application process will offer the most dependable results? Do alternative options exist for increased durability or lower costs? When you work with a commercial coating consultant, they should not only be able to understand current needs, but also make recommendations for improving the end product. Jessup MFG has over 50 years of experience in providing coating solutions in addition to developing customized options. Our team will deliver a solution with the best qualities for making your product shine.

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