Looking for a Great Concessions Advertising Idea?

basketball court advertisingConcession stands are still a widely used and popular method of optimizing sales for businesses. However, many concession stands are lacking in advertising ideas that are needed to promote the product found at the concession. More often than not, people are merely walking by most concession stands because there is no interesting advertising design or method being used to attract the customer to the concession. Luckily, there are now advertising methods that exist that are perfect for concessions, and it involves graphic designs provided by Asphalt Art.

There has been a recent explosion in popularity involving sidewalk decals, floor graphics, ground art, and other types of Indoor & outdoor concession advertising for floorsgraphic print materials. Many companies, especially those holding outdoor events, social gatherings, or using concessions in their business location can find several advantages to using these types of graphic images in order to promote an image, brand, product, or theme. What is the allure to using wall and ground graphic artwork, and other cool outside graphic art? Indoor & outdoor graphic decals and wall print graphics that are similar in nature offer marketing agencies unique advertising ideas and opportunities to increase the brand recognition, especially when concessions are being used to push the advertising for a specific product. If you have ever seen a floor graphic, it is a good bet that you were impressed by the image, and how an art form such as a wall or floor graphic image could look so unbelievably impressive on such a difficult backing, not thought of as a place where art can become great.

Marketers and advertising agencies have taken note of the skilled artistry involved in creating graphic print images, as well as the population’s interest and intrigue in the art form, as seen with the boom in the popularity of graffiti art, which is considered a close relative to outdoor print graphic art. At the moment, nothing else can really compare to the uncanny ability to place an incredible piece of art designed and printed digitally, then adhered onto a difficult medium, such as rock, stone, pavement, asphalt, cement, wood, tile and brick. The aesthetic of ground decals is very impressive, which makes the rapid growth in popularity understandable. Now imagine what this brilliance in design can do for the advertising needs of your concession. It will lead to a boon in foot traffic to your concession.

Because of its unique advertising opportunity and the growth in popularity, marketers who have not yet embraced this method of brand promotion should contact Asphalt Art and become aware of the splendid advertising resource, and how it can help your concession advertising needs. Asphalt Art designs and prints indoor and outdoor graphic decals, and a representative would be happy to share with you the company’s process, and provide examples of their work, which can also be seen on their website floor graphics gallery. With graphic art, your business has finally found the great concession advertising idea it has been missing this whole time.

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