Increase Concession Sales at Sporting Events with Floor Graphics

outdoor floor graphicsDespite its age of use, concession stands are a tried and true method of selling products at sporting events. Concession stands have been around for decades, perhaps centuries, yet its simplistic idea and ability to execute additional sales at a sporting event is a perfect opportunity to boost a company’s revenue. However, concession stands tend to be overlooked as a place to spruce advertising components. Ignoring the possibility of resuscitating concession sales at sporting events with advertising strategies is a mistake. Concession sales are usually an afterthought regarding the use of advertising designs, but that can be blamed on businesses not utilizing concession to its full potential by introducing advertising strategies. What could happen if a marketing firm wised up and tries a different approach to concession stands, such as incorporating an advertising design in order to improve the aesthetics of the concession stand at a sporting event? An advertising idea exists that would be perfect for concession stands, and it involves the use of floor graphic art designs.

The use of floor graphic art imagery has recently seen a huge boon in popularity, especially at events that bring in thousands of spectators, like a sporting event. Organizations involved in sports, where tens of thousands of people come to spend their entire day immersing themselves sin the aura and atmosphere presented at the event. Part of the immersion into a sporting event involves concession stands, where people can but food, drinks, collectibles, and paraphernalia of their favorite teams. Through the use of floor graphics, the sports organization will drastically improve the promotion of the materials the concession stand is selling, subsequently improving the recognition of a particular product or image, which will boost concession sales at the sporting event.

Imagine drastically increasing your organization’s revenue at every single concession stand in operation at your arena, simply because you decided to enhance the aesthetic of the concession area with floor graphic art. Floor graphic art imagery is a low risk, low cost, high reward advertising investment that, with the help and guidance of Asphalt Art, will appeal to the masses at your sporting events. You will notice an unbelievable increase in foot traffic traveling straight to your concession stand, which can be attributed to the enticing floor graphic you chose to implement at the concession.

Advertising firms that have not yet pulled the trigger on using floor graphic art as a promotional tool should contact Asphalt Art, so they can come to understand how floor graphic advertising works, and how it can improve sales at concession stands. Asphalt Art designs floor graphics, and a representative will happily describe their design process, and provide examples of their work that can be found on the company website. With floor graphics, your organization can take advantage of a robust advertising method that will boost concession sales at your sporting event.

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