Festival Graphics Get the Crowd’s Attention



During the summer, many people go to sporting events, music festivals, and local fairs. The goal of these events is to have great experiences with friends and family. For advertisers and event organizers, the challenge is creating experiences for attendees that they will take note of, value, and share with their friends. One way to do this is with creative festival signage and wayfinding. Festival graphics that go beyond the ordinary, utilizing surfaces like walls and the ground, are much more likely to engage attendees and leave them with a positive experience of your brand.

Think back to the last festival that you attended. There were probably countless banners and posters hanging all around. How many of them do you actually remember? How many can you separate out from the crowd? This is the problem with typical festival graphics. They are so expected and numerous that no matter how creative and powerful they may be, they get overlooked.

Advertisers and event organizers can push past this problem by creating floor and wall graphics. Graphics printed on materials like Asphalt Art or SportWalk can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces for a matter of days, weeks, or even months without losing their stick. Best of all, these graphics won’t leave any sort of residue when they are removed if they are properly installed.

Floor and wall graphics placed on walking paths, in front of booths, on ceilings and on walls will draw the eyes of virtually every person who passes by. Such graphics are unexpected and can be printed to virtually any size or shape, giving them endless opportunities to be creative, unexpected, and engaging.

For example, a sponsor of your local fair could create a seemingly 3-D image that covers your main entrance area. Everyone who walks in will take note, enjoy the inventive graphic, and likely take pictures to share with their friends. Advertisers can incorporate short URLs, QR codes, or literally point people towards their booth with their custom graphics.

Event organizers can also get creative with how they provide safety signage, wayfinding, and how they brand the event. Offering sponsors prime locations for wall or floor graphics can open up a new stream of revenue for your event while making the whole experience more creative and unique.

Get a sense of how your festival could utilize floor and wall graphics by contacting Jessup Manufacturing for a free sample pack of Asphalt Art print material today.

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