Commercial Floor Decals are Great for Concessions

AABlogImageConcession stands are a tradition when attending sporting events, concerts, tradeshows, and any type of outdoor event where a large attendance is expected. Concession stands offer attendees the opportunity to purchase satiating foods, refreshing beverages, items and products associated with the event, and even keepsakes and memorabilia related to the reason why you are attending the event. For small business proprietors, or affiliations with the host or hosting company of the event, having a concession stand is a brilliant way to take advantage of a large consumer base with tastes and proclivities associated with the nature of the event, and who are situated in a specific location that would have them travel toward or near your concession. Much of the legwork is already done for those who have a concession stand at the event: 1. The people attending will likely and some food and beverages, especially if the event is long. 2. If paraphernalia is memorabilia is being sold at the concession stand that is related in theme to the event, like sports team memorabilia at a game where a team is playing that people are there to see. In other words, the event has drawn the crowd who may be willing to spend their money at your concession stand. However, it is likely that other similar concession stands are in attendance to sell similar items and products that can be found at your concession. If this is the case, how will you differentiate yourself from competing concession stands that will want to make those in attendance spend their money with you instead of at the other concession? One great way to influence potential customers is to advertise what you are selling in a way that heightens the interest and intrigue of your concession, and to accomplish this, you should promote your concession with a commercial floor decal.

Applying a commercial floor decal at your concession is an excellent way to initiate an enthusiastic vibe that will draw a crowd toward your concession. For example, having a commercial floor decal of a tasty food or beverage, or must have collectibles and souvenirs associated with the event taking place will spark a heightened interest in your specific concession that other people and businesses with concessions cannot compete against. Those in attendance will be clamoring to get to your concession stand, because nothing incited intrigue and awe like a brilliant and impressive aesthetic that has been designed with incredible detail and colorful vibrancy. Commercial floor decals have proven to be a successful advertising tool used at concession stands for promoting items and products at events. Concessions where commercial floor decals have been placed show a significant spike in generated sales when compared to similar concession stands that were selling the same kind of items and products.

The ability to drive more sales through the use of concessions is a perfect way to generate more revenue and profit for your business. If making a small investment in an advertising tool – commercial floor decals – have proven to bring about a remarkable return on investment, then installing a floor decal immediately becomes a no brainer, and should be included at your concession.

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