Boost Concession Sales for your next Event

Concession stands are a tried and true means of generating sales at any event. Concession stands have been around for what seems like an eternity, yet its simple idea and execution of creating additional sales at an event, particularly sporting events is a can’t miss opportunity to increase profits from an event. However, its simplicity in nature tends to be its downfall, as many businesses holding events do not consider concession stands as a brilliant means to advertise. Instead, most concession stands are merely thought of the place where people buy a quick hot dog or get their kid cotton candy and a soda. Because concession sales are most times an afterthought as it pertains to advertising designs, organizations using concession stands are not utilizing their full potential. Imagine what could be attained if a business wised up and used some sort of advertising design to boost the attraction of the concession stand. Perhaps, in turn, providing advertising designs will also boost concession sales for a company’s next event. The good news is there exists an advertising method that is perfect for concessions – floor graphic designs.

The use of sidewalk decals, floor graphics, ground art, and other types of graphic print materials have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, especially at showcase events involving sports. Many businesses that frequently host outdoor events and social gatherings where concession stands can be found would immediately receive several benefits if using graphic designs and images to promote whatever the concession stand is selling. Floor decals, ground decals, and print graphics offer marketing agencies innovative advertising opportunities to increase recognition of a particular product or image, and these opportunities directly influence concession stands where products are being sold. Graphic ground art has proven to be incredibly effective when utilized, and this means it can boost concession sales for your next event.

Imagine doubling, tripling, possibly even quadrupling revenue from every single concession stand where you decided to use floor graphic art. It is a low risk, low cost, high reward marketing investment that will be worth the relatively inexpensive price to implement and will appeal to the masses at your next event. That is what brilliance in design in the form of graphic art can extract by advertising with ground graphics – the promise of a stampede in foot traffic going straight to your concession stand.

Marketing agencies that have not yet embraced graphic art as a method of brand promotion should contact Asphalt Art and become immersed in all things related to ground graphic advertising, and how it can boost your concession stand’s sales. Asphalt Art designs floor graphic decals, and a representative would gladly explain the design process, and provide examples of their work, which can be viewed on their website. With floor graphics, your business has discovered a robust advertising idea to boost concession sales for your next event.

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