Commercial Safety Tapes for Hotels & Businesses

SafetyTape2Slip prevention solutions, such as commercial safety tapes, are designed to prevent accidents in locations where a fall is most likely to happen. Businesses and hotels can purchase traction products in different variations. However, commercial safety tapes are one of the simplest and most affordable options. Traction tapes provide a gripping surface capable of aiding individuals to maintain footing on naturally slick floors, or during moments when other extenuating factors cause the surface to become slippery. Slip prevention solutions are necessary in numerous hotel and business areas to prevent costly accidents by staff members or customers. Commercial safety tapes are an imperative safety addition in hotel and business environments because these slip prevention products consist of an adhesive backside for simple, dependable application. The front of the safety tape contains a sandpaper-like surface designed to provide extra traction for slick shoes, spill scenarios, and in areas prone to accidents, such as stairs. Commercial safety tapes make it easier for individuals to maneuver safely through a structure; regardless of how difficult the flooring conditions might be to navigate.

Commercial safety tapes offer a low cost option to any hotel and business owner desiring to create a safer environment for their guests and staff. Stairs, bathrooms, laundry rooms, workout facilities, pools, lobbies, and kitchens are optimal choices for the addition of commercial safety tapes. The areas just mentioned can become hazardous as spills frequently occur or water is tracked in from outside, when weather conditions are wet. Some flooring is slippery by nature; therefore, the extra precaution prevents a fall from occurring. Installing commercial safety tapes is quick and easy, and requires minimal maintenance once applied.

An undiscovered spill on a stairwell or an unforeseen slick floor could result in an accident. Traction tapes are designed to counteract hazards as individuals maneuver through an area or carry heavy items. A few precautions will ensure slip prevention solutions chosen for a hotel and business environment will remain dependable. Traction inducing products, such as commercial safety tapes, should be implemented in any location where a person could experience a slip and fall incident. Jessup Manufacturing, for example, offers many beneficial slip prevention solutions in the form of grip and safety tapes to aid businesses and hotels in creating a safer environment for guests and workers.

Jessup Manufacturing offers an abundance of commercial safety tape solutions satisfy the needs of any hotel and business. Jessup makes photoluminescent commercial safety tape options available to further support outlined egress paths. Jessup also offers a customizable safety tapes options that will not increase the amount of overhead facing a hotel or business. Simply contact Jessup Manufacturing to learn more about their commercial safety tapes, even if you are not affiliated with a hotel or a business located in a large building. Anywhere that deals with locations that are prone to accidents involving slips, trips, and falls can benefit from commercial safety tapes. A Jessup representative is ready to assist you with your future implementation of safety tape in your area.

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