Commercial Non Slip Tapes Create a Safer Customer and Working Environment

JessupSafetyTape2Whether an individual slips, trips, or falls, the results are the same as most occurrences frequently end in injury. Commercial non slip tapes provide additional safety in many areas both inside and outside of a building. An accident from a fall has consequences such as missed work, insurance claims, medical fees, and law suits. These types of injuries are typical when a slip or fall occurs:

  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Cuts & Bruising
  • Head Trauma
  • Broken Arms or Legs
  • Crushed Ribs
  • Broken Hips
  • Broken Necks

The medical expenses on their own are often extensive in certain fall conditions and are capable of directly harming any company. For example, if a customer falls on outside stairs the lawsuit fees and medical costs could be enough to shut down your business. Commercial non slip tapes offer an affordable, easy to apply option for increasing safety in any location.

Where Are The Application Hot Spots?
Wet floors, dry materials on a surface, outside weather conditions, and differences in elevation are frequent risks for a fall. Non slip tapes are designed to provide an additional gripping surface for slick areas or shoe soles. The gritty material on the top function just like sand paper to deliver extra traction and the bottom portion consists of a dependable adhesive for proper application. Commercial non slip tapes are highly important in order to prevent a slip or fall in these areas:

  • Building Entrances
  • Ramps & Stairs
  • Loading Docks
  • Garages
  • Food Service Areas
  • Break Rooms
  • Bath Rooms
  • Manufacturing Floors

Each of these surfaces has a high risk of an accident as the elevation changes and substances easily reside on the floor surface. For example, a wet ramp or stairs is a disaster waiting to happen. This is especially so if the individual is carrying a heavy object or has extremely slick shoes. By simply applying commercial non slip tape to each area, the risk of an accident is significantly reduced. The cost is minimal compared to what will result from a dangerous fall on the premise of your business.

Types of Commercial Non Slip Tape
Commercial non slip tapes come in a variety of forms to meet the individual needs of a facility. Black standard tapes may be applied in areas where a warning is not necessary; however, yellow coarse traction tapes provide better protection for ice, snow, and mud. They are also highly visible and deliver the right message to anyone approaching the risk area.

  • Colored Tapes – A variety of colors are offered to provide traction while maintaining visual appeal or meeting compliance restrictions.
  • Black/Yellow Hazard Stripping – A great option for manufacturing facilities or loading docks where this pattern aids in safety and compliance.
  • Photoluminescent – Designed for any area where fire safety is a concern. These particular tapes absorb light and then emit it at times when a stairwell or other area is dark from smoke or loss of power.

Manufacturers offer these forms of commercial non slip tapes in various grades to deliver the right amount of traction for an area. Jessup MFG provides a number of commercial non slip tape choices ranging from hazard, to military grade, to general purpose applications.

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