Simple Advertising with Commercial Floor Decals

guerilla3Though there are several methods of design advertising available that create an image designed specifically for promotional purposes, those who have employed uses for these advertising designs find it quite difficult to call most of them simple. You see, advertising design requires a lot of work from many different departments – from a graphic design team, to a team of printing specialists, and then placing the graphically designed image in a specific location can prove rather daunting, not to mention expensive. Putting up a billboard comes to mind, though perhaps not difficult to design, the actual placement of a billboard is difficult and expensive. It takes an entire crew to hoist the billboard onto its elevated platform, which is quite time consuming, and even then, the company using the billboard must pay to have it up in the form of a rental fee. So, why not free-form draw an advertisement instead of using graphic design? For starters, the amount of time it will take to draw an advertising image by free hand could take days, perhaps even weeks, depending on the size. Besides, graphic design software has made the process of advertising design so much simpler, and more precise in its aesthetic development, that free hand drawing of advertisement images is almost a thing of the past.

Obviously, the trick is to discover a simple way to design an advertising image. The good news is one does exist. Though the following may sound somewhat similar in nature to how billboard advertisements are designed, it in now way replicates the painstaking method of placing the promotional image in its desired location. For a commercial business to truly implement a simple method of design advertising, that business should use commercial floor decals. Commercial floor decals are designed with graphic design software, also know as Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Then, that design needs to be given to a specialized printing company that not only can manage printing commercial floor decals, but also does so using printing materials and components developed by Asphalt Art, USA. Asphalt Art’s line of specialized printing paper provides a number of options for commercial use of floor decals, no matter where the promotional event is taking place. Whether indoors or outdoors, for one day or for a period spanning a year, Asphalt Art, USA provides specialized printing paper options to achieve any type of use for commercial floor decals.

Now that the design phases are covered, the true simplicity in using commercial floor decals comes in its application. Commercial floor decals can simply be laid on whatever surface a company has decided to place it upon, and then, once the surface area has been cleaned, will adhere itself to the selected surface after a quick and easy removal of the liner. This simple process only takes a couple of minutes. Moreover, when it comes time to remove the commercial floor decal, it can easily be pulled off of the surface where it was originally placed, making for quick and easy disposal, once your company’s promotional event has come to an end. Therefore, when looking for an inexpensive, yet successful method of commercial advertising that is simple to conduct, look no further than using commercial floor decals.

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