How Long do Commercial Ground Decals Last?

sidewalk advertisingHow great is it that the answer to this question depends on how long the user of commercial ground decals would like the design to last, assuming the reader does not want it to last several years. The fact of the matter is, depending on the type of print material from Asphalt Art, USA you choose, along with where you plan to place the commercial ground decal, the graphic design can last you a day, or it can last you several months. The first thing potential users need to determine is where you plan to place the commercial ground decal. You see, if you decide to host an outdoor event, and you plan to implement commercial ground decals at the outdoor event, a lot more factors are prevalent versus using commercial ground decals indoors. For example, when placing a commercial ground decal, prior to doing so you need to take into consideration the amount of foot and vehicular traffic will go across the graphic design image. You also need to take into consideration weather – how hot or cold will it be? Will it be humid? Is there a chance of rain happening during your outside event? How wet could the surface become where the commercial ground decal will be? Not to worry, as none of these circumstances will prevent you from using commercial ground decals outside, but it will determine the type of print material you will use, because Asphalt Art, USA specializes and customizes in print materials specifically for these types of factors that weigh on a promotional event. Fortunately for the potential user, you simply need to decide what print material will be best for what you are about to put into action, and Asphalt Art, USA makes it easy be providing a number of print material options that literally suit any kind of indoor and outdoor forces.

Asphalt Art, USA invites you to continue perusing the company website once you have finished reading, and you will notice several options at your disposal. The potential customer can choose from a couple of outdoor options that include Asphalt Art, which can last up to one year outdoor, and Sport Walk, which can last up to one week outdoors, but can manage harsher foot and vehicular traffic, along with wetter conditions and unreasonable weather. Concerning outdoor commercial ground decals, potential clients can choose from the Cat Walk, Clear Walk, and Tex Walk, which can last anywhere from three months to two years. Again, the type of print material you choose depends on size, shape, location, and other forces, but, as you can plainly see, no matter what you choose, the print materials created by Asphalt Art has you covered.

From withstanding all of the foot traffic of marathons to being completely waterproof and being placed at the bottom of pools, the print materials designed by Asphalt Art, USA are built to last. All the while, the graphic depiction will display a remarkable visual and lifelike aesthetic that everyone attending your promotional event will have no choice but to stop, stare, and remember what they see, creating the kind of brand recognition you should come to expect when using commercial ground decals.

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