Precision Coating Delivers Accurate, Dependable Results

PartsCoatingPrecision is a top priority of any company receiving a service whether it is the delivery of office supplies or an enhancement to their products. A coating is any material used to cover the surface of an object or to saturate a porous substrate. What is precision coating? Essentially, it is the process of delivering the exact quality and characteristics needed when covering a substrate. This involves making modifications or customized formulas to provide the required attributes. Precision coating in many cases consists of these additional services:

•    Testing & Batch Analysis
•    Quality Assurance
•    Formula Development
•    Product Assistance
•    Customized Processes & Solutions

Precision coating providers have spent years perfecting their processes to deliver the most accurate, beneficial attributes a product or component. The service starts by gaining a deep understanding of your covering needs to recommend the right materials for the surface to be covered. Next, a provider will assess these items in conjunction with available application methods to determine what approach will deliver a superior covering. Batches may be produced to perform quality assurance testing or tweak the covering material formula as production begins.

Why use Precision Coating?
The service decreases the time spent resolving problems as production occurs and prevents poor quality from jeopardizing production. Precision coating is frequently used to gain protective characteristics to make a product, component, or other item more durable or last longer. These protective qualities might include:

•    Anti-Corrosion
•    Environment
•    Non-Stick
•    Reflective
•    Adhesion
•    Protective Films

Whatever the desired attribute, precision coating delivers proper, dependable results the first time. The benefits of these services are abundant as it improves the end product, protects individual components, and ensures additionally required marketable qualities are present. Most important is choosing a provider who can offer this service and has the experience to back it.

Tips for Selecting an Exceptional Precision Coating Provider
Precision coating covers a broad spectrum of industries including medical, electronics, food processing, and manufacturing. A dependable provider will always start by evaluating these three factors before making a recommendation:

•    Surface – What substrate will be used for the coating?

•    Processes – What application methods are the best choice?

•    Coating – What formulas and materials will be needed to achieve the desired characteristics?

Any professional who has been providing precision coating for many years should be able to understand your goals and make recommendations based on the above items with ease. If current coating options do not quite cut the cake, then they should be able to offer customization assistance to reach your end goal.

Additionally, the number of years they have been in business and amount of experience will be equally important. To make this process easier, first you must know what is needed and what you want. The provider should be ISO certified as well as offer quality assurance testing to easily make adjustments during production. Finally, verify that the provider uses the latest equipment, processes, and materials. Poorly skilled employees, lack of coating experience, or inefficient technology will deliver undesirable results. At Jessup MFG we use the latest processes and technologies to make certain you get the precision coating you need without going over your budget.

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