Coating Services for Product Protection & Enhancement

industrial coatingsWhile the general category of industrial protective coating services can cover everything from concrete sealants to decorative automotive paints, astute companies that offer coating services focus their expertise on materials used to coat products primarily for corrosion protection, a resistance to chemicals, abrasion resistance, and protection from galling, seizing, and other physical damage. Jessup Manufacturing offers decades of expertise in the selection, application, and servicing of protective  coatings, along with the advantage of an incredible, state of the art facility staffed with experts and manufacturing professionals with coating industry knowledge, who are ready to service your industrial company’s specific coating needs.

Applying corrosion resistant coatings, a particularly popular method of coating service for industrial businesses, will protect components against deterioration from the most corrosive elements, as well as exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals. Anti-corrosion coating services provide for unique protection of surfaces, by creating a protective barrier which bars the component from being exposed to chemical compounds and potentially corrosive materials. Many of the types of corrosion resistant coatings also provide additional protection in the form of erosion resistance, non-stick abilities, and chemical defense.

The benefits of an industrial business using corrosion resistant coatings are plentiful. Coating services with anti-corrosive properties guarantee that these components will have the longest possible lifespan. Because many components are usually utilized for harsh applications, a company providing coating services should provide the most widely used coating applications in the industry. Jessup manufacturing boasts over five decades of expertise concerning the application of corrosion resistant coatings, along with several other types of coating services.

Other coating applications include dry film lubricants. Dry film lubricants are an attractive alternative to fluid lubricants for minimizing friction and preventing seizing and galling, especially in high or low temperature environments where fluids may freeze or vaporize. Jessup Manufacturing offers a range of lubricant coating options, protecting components from the smallest infractions to the most devastatingly corrosive and abrasive elements. Dry film lubricants can be put on even the most massive of industrial components that require a coating to reduce friction.

Jessup Manufacturing provides many coating services and applications, including abrasion resistant coatings and chemical resistant coatings. To learn more about Jessup’s lineup of metal coating services and applications, give them a call. A representative of Jessup will be happy to explain in detail all of the company’s coating services and, depending on your application and functionality needs pertaining to your components, what coating services will best fit your industrial company’s needs.

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