Illinois Web Coating Services

LaminatorMany areas in the great state of Illinois are considered blue collar towns, mostly because the manufacturing industry is well represented in this state. Because manufacturing is associated with strong and rugged manual labor, cities with manufacturing plants are labeled as blue collar locations. This is in no way a slander on manufacturing, it is a well respected trade, and a trade that built this great country to what it is today. And, just like any manufacturing location, manufacturing facilities located in Illinois will need coating services in order to achieve the necessary surface finish its raw materials and industrial components need to perform as intended. If your industrial company’s substrates are foil, film, paper, sheet stock, or fabric, or any substrate where only a thin film coating application is required, then Illinois manufacturing facilities will need an Illinois web coating service to provide the necessary web coating.

Also known as roll-to-roll processing and reel-to-reel processing, web coating can also be applied to certain electronic devices to provide a protective finish. Once the process of adding a coating to an industrial product is complete, the entire process of adding a type of coating is known as converting. This also applies to web coating services. As briefly mentioned previously, web coating would normally be used for applying a protective coating onto a fine industrial product, because web coting involves the application of a thin film. Therefore, most industrial products needing web coating are usually very fragile, fine, and intricate and complex in structure, which is why web coating is the coating of choice for electronic devices that can receive protective coating. The good news is, despite how fragile and complex industrial products needing a fine coating application are, web coating has proven a very successful commodity in the business of coating services.

Manufacturing and other kinds of industrial businesses in the state of Illinois can rely on Jessup Manufacturing – an Illinois based coating and converting company – to provide any of a number of different types of coating services, including web coating. Jessup has been a reputable Illinois web coating service and an overall reputable custom solutions provider for industrial companies for nearly sixty years. Jessup has been successful maintain a solid reputation because of its custom and specialized industrial solutions it offers, as well as always being at the forefront with offering to products and services from which industrial clients can benefit. This is why most of the industrial organizations located in the great state of Illinois have come to trust Jessup Manufacturing, which has kept us in business for several decades. When it comes to finding and trusting an Illinois web coating service, Illinois based Jessup Manufacturing will offer several customized and specialized web coating solutions tailored to fit the specific needs for your industrial products, raw materials, and manufacturing components.

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