Contract Coating Services: Films, Foils & Other Substrates

ContractServicesJessup Manufacturing is proud to be considered one of the leading contract coating services, and a market leader in providing specialized custom coating and laminating services for several kinds of substrates, including flexible substrates, for which our company has been recognized for over fifty years. What separates Jessup Manufacturing’s contract coating services over the services of other companies has to do with our diverse coating lines, which enables our specialized coating solutions to direct coat or even transfer coating solvent, as well as aqueous adhesive solutions onto almost every type of flexible substrate. Other solutions related to our contract coating services that place us above what our competitors can provide include a much larger library of adhesive systems from which our clients can choose, our overall knowledge and experience working with a vast variety of substrate materials, of which potential clients find to be quite limited when speaking to other contract coating service providers, and our company boasts one of the most sophisticated line of coating and laminating equipment available from which customers can benefit. In addition, the professionals working at Jessup Manufacturing are happy to lend consulting service, instructions, and technical leadership to assist our customers with understanding how our contract coating services operate, and we promise to offer outstanding services, superior coating and laminating quality, as well as competitive pricing so you can trust us to develop and manufacture your industrial products.

A few of the coating methods Jessup Manufacturing provides its clients include Meyer Rod Coating, Saturation Coating, and Knife Over Roll coating. Our typical coatings include using the following:

  • Permanent, repositionable, and removable rubber and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives.
  • Both low and high temperature heat and /or solvent reactivated.

As well as Barrier Coatings, Primers, Printable Topcoats, Plastisol, Latex, Custom Saturation Coatings, and Polyurethane.

Typical substrates Jessup Manufacturing coats and laminates include the following:

  • Films – including Polyester, PVC, Polyimide, Styrene, and Polyethylene.
  • Foils – such as Copper, Steel, and Aluminum.
  • Textiles, Rubbers, Cork, Foam, Felt, Scrim, Paper, Non-woven substrates, and Fiberglass.

free quoteIf you industrial business decides to partner with Jessup Manufacturing and receive contract coating services from our business, you will have enables your company to utilize our coating and converting expertise that will help develop, enhance, add value, and augment both new and existing products. You industrial business will also be taking complete advantage of our professional services, which spans over half a century of success and accomplishments. Jessup solutions will help manage the development of your company’s industrial products, from its beginning all the way to production. Jessup’s engineers and product managers, along with our state of the art and top of the line coating and laminating equipment guarantee you the absolute best contract coating services for films, foils, and other substrates.

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