Coating & Laminating Services for Tape, Fabric & Flexible Substrates

Coating and Laminating manufacturing servicesMost companies involved in industrial operations often find themselves needing enhanced tape, fabric, and flexible substrates in order to strengthen and / or solidify certain areas or parts to a machine or structure being built or designed. The needed for a stronger, more durable industrial component likely means that the complete unit cannot be maintained with current standing industrial pieces, and enhancement is needed in order to proceed. Often, this enhancement involves the use of coating and laminating services that will give the industrial product exactly what it needs to make a building, machine, or structure complete.

Why Use Our Company for Your Coating and Custom Laminating?

Jessup Manufacturing – a company that offers coating and laminating solutions for tape, fabric, flexible substrates, along with other industrial parts, metals, and materials – provides its customers, which includes industrial organizations, commercial printing companies, food packaging businesses, as well as other types of customers the absolute best in coating and laminating. Jessup Manufacturing prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends and technology as it pertains to coating and laminating. Jessup offers the most modern advancements in coating and laminating services. Concerning coating services, Jessup offers direct reverse and offset gravure, slot die, and one color offset for the coating of your fabric, paper products, film and tapes, plastic items, and flexible substrates. Regarding the lamination of your parts, metals, and materials, along with the products mentioned in the description of our coating services, Jessup provides numerous laminating methods, including one and two sided lamination, lamination using a hot melt, and water based adhesive lamination.

Jessup has been giving clients excellence in business practices for over fifty years, meaning that none of your tape, fabric, flexible substrates, or any industrial product needing coating and lamination services will leaves our business facilities without completely achieving all of your company’s, as well as the industry’s toughest standards and specifications revolving around efficiency in coating and laminating services. If you do not believe us, the proof is in the pudding. Jessup experts can provide examples of why the company has been able to thrive for over fifty years. One of our ingredients to success involves our business model, which directly lends to perfection in our standards, which subsequently leads to repeat clients and customer loyalty.

For more information regarding Jessup’s coating and laminating services, please contact the company, and one of our professionals will be delighted to provide you further information. Jessup Manufacturing also provides other industrial services, including the services being discussed in this blog. To find out about these other services, please make an inquiry into Jessup today.

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