Coating and Adhesive Consultants: Making the Best Choice for Your Business

Coating, laminating, adhesive, and converting solutions provide businesses an opportunity to improve current merchandise lines or to develop astounding new products. Coating and adhesive consultants offer insight to how these processes may be used to advance a product line. If you have not considered the benefits of adding a custom coating, then it is time to see what these services are able to offer your business.

A number of options are available to coat substrate materials or to add a finishing touch to a product. The right provider will be able to deliver high performance solutions capable of precisely meeting coating, laminating, or conversion requirements. Several coatings and adhesives are applicable choices inDipCoatingcluding:

• Acrylic Pressure Sensitive
• Rubber Pressure Sensitive
• Lower or High Temperature Heat/Solvent
• Custom Saturation Coats
• Barriers or Primers
• Printable Topcoats
• Polyurethane
• Plastisol
• Latex

There are no limits when your company works with a knowledgeable coating and adhesive consultant. Application choices greatly depend on the type of substrate that the adhering substance will be applied to. Substrates often used by coating and adhesive consultants are films, foils, or other items like textiles. Whether the substrate is polyester, PVC, rubber, foam, fiberglass, or aluminum, the right professional will be able to add the desired coating or adhesive to meet your product needs.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Qualified Professional?
The typical application methods used by professionals for these types of applications are Knife Over Roll, Meyer Rod, and Saturation Coating. Since each delivers different results, not every method will be applicable for the desired coating or the utilized substrate. This makes it important to choose an experienced consultant who not only understands your specific needs, but also is able to make the best recommendations for achieving those goals.

The professional you choose to partner with will have a significant impact on the end product. Whether the goal is to develop the best new products or simply to enhance an existing line, it is essential to choose an experienced provider who can offer exceptional results. These considerations are important when evaluating coating and adhesive consultants:

• Years of Experience
• Ability to Work With Substrate
• Ability to Provide Desired Coating
• Customization Options
• ISO Certification
• Able to Aid in Design & Development
• Uses State of the Art Equipment
• Offers a Variety of Services

Let’s face it, if the future of a product or entire line will be put in the hands of a partner, then they need to be able to meet current needs as well as provide better options. If they lack experience, do not use the right equipment, or cannot provide the appropriate coating materials, then they are not the right fit for your business.

Jessup Manufacturing has been a coating and adhesive consultant for over 50 years. Backed by state of the art equipment and operating as an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, we have helped business in a variety of industries achieve their coating and adhesive goals. If you are seeking a qualified, advanced solution provider capable of making your products shine, then the team of experienced engineers at Jessup are here to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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