Where can you use Clearwalk Applications?

ClearWalkDuring the hot summer season, people like to gather at social events outside. Outdoor stadiums and poolside venues come to thought as popular locations during the summer where you will be able to find a whole lot of people hanging out and having a good time. Many businesses take advantage of people’s proclivity for outdoor social venues during warm weather seasons, and will host social gatherings for advertising and promotional purposes. And why not? Outdoor events, even with a marketing agenda, are fun for all. Businesses will develop cool advertising campaigns, which will include certain advertising tools to be used for the event, such as floor and ground graphics. However, businesses must keep in mind that with outdoor promotional events come some potential headaches that can lead to disasters if your business is not properly prepared. For example, outside gatherings means liquid will be involved one way or another, whether it be from all the beverages being consumed, or the chance of inclement weather, possibly even both at the same time. Fortunately for businesses, there exists a floor and ground graphic design method known as ClearWalk application.

ClearWalk floor and ground graphics are specifically designed for use on surfaces that get very wet. This advertising tool, much like the CatWalk line of floor graphics from Asphalt Art USA, can be used for both short and medium application periods. The film used to design the ClearWalk ground graphic consists of a translucent film that is dimensionally stable, and is created with non slip textured materials so the surface of the floor or ground is not slippery for people to walk on. The adhesive is designed to be pressure sensitive on the reverse side, meaning the more pressure placed upon application, the stronger the attachment to the surface will be. In addition, the ClearWalk brand of floor graphic can be applied on several different kinds of inside surfaces and is easily removed when needed. Moreover, the floor graphic does not leave behind any residue, even if the user decides to extend the use of the ground graphic.

The comparisons to the CatWalk design are uncanny, as the ClearWalk application also offer not just a liquid repellant, but can also withstand chemical solvents that could corrode the ground graphic. No matter how wet the surface becomes where the floor graphic has been placed, you are guaranteed comfortable foot traffic throughout the entirety of your event. The ClearWalk application can be applied to the following surfaces: vinyl, porcelain, linoleum, concrete, marble, and tile.

If you would like to learn more about the ClearWalk line of ground graphics, you can find it on this website, along with other types of floor and ground graphics that Asphalt Art, USA manufactures. Such termporary applications are simple to use, yet are the perfect tool bring a company’s logo or  image to life.

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