Product Highlight – CatWalk

CatWalkJessup graphics media can be used for floor and wall graphics in a wide variety of circumstances. We’re constantly amazed at the creative new ways that advertisers, municipalities, and stores use Asphalt Art products to create vibrant public artwork, highly visible safety signage, and eye-catching advertisements. Some of our favorite short term graphics utilize ClearWalk, our printing medium for wet areas like pools, water parks, fountains, and rainy locations.

CatWalk is a white adhesive coated film that is dimensionally stable and can be cut and printed to virtually any size or shape. The pressure sensitive adhesive on CatWalk can be applied to various indoor and outdoor surfaces including tile, marble, concrete, linoleum, porcelain, and vinyl. When properly applied, CatWalk can be used on any of these surfaces without leaving any sort of sticky residue or causing any damage to the underlying surface.

CatWalk is meant for non-slip floor graphics that will be in place for a short or medium amount of time. Under the right circumstances, CatWalk can retain its vibrant colors and excellent hold for several months, making it a perfect choice for summer advertisements at outdoor locations like public pools, hotel pool areas, water parks, and public fountains.

One of the best things about CatWalk is that it is certified non-slip. You can place graphics printed on this material on walking paths — even walking paths frequented by barefoot people — without fear of creating a tripping or slipping hazard.

Asphalt Art can actually be used on the insides of pools. Of course, you’ll need to drain the pool in order to apply the graphic, but the effort will be worthwhile. Asphalt Art graphics on the bottoms of pools can be used to create playful and ingenious advertisements. Swimming areas can be transformed into vibrant escapes that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Beyond advertising, luxury hotel owners can even use pool graphics for design purposes, making their pool areas feel more upscale and posh.

If you’re curious to learn more about CatWalk, request a free sample pack from Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of CatWalk, today.

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