Understanding the New York State Fire Code – Is Your Building Safe?

New York State, especially in the city, is the epicenter for industrial buildings around the world. Several buildings stand thousands of feet high, making for a remarkable sight. If there is any drawback to erecting such monumental buildings, it is the concern for the building owner to make sure his or her building meets all of the requirements of the New York State Fire Code. Though it would be extremely exciting to travel and walk through the incredible buildings in New York City, if a fire should break out in the building, it would be a nightmare to try to evacuate, especially if you are on one of the top floors. The scale of these humungous buildings, accompanied with the events during 9/11, has made the understanding and following of the New York State Fire Code vital. If you are the owner of one of these unique buildings in New York, then you need to know if your building is safe.

The following are the rules and requirements associated with the New York State Fire Code Evacuation Plan:


The New York State Fire Code requires that your facility have a Fire evacuation plan in place.

Fire evacuation plans shall include the following:

1. Emergency egress or escape routes and whether evacuation of the building is to be complete or, where approved, by selected floors or areas only.

2. Procedures for employees who must remain to operate critical equipment before evacuating.

3. Procedures for accounting for employees and occupants after evacuation have been completed.

4. Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for rescue or emergency medical aid.

5. The preferred and any alternative means of notifying occupants of a fire or emergency.

6. The preferred and any alternative means of reporting fires and other emergencies to the fire department or designated emergency response organization.

7. Identification and assignment of personnel who can be contacted for further information or explanation of duties under the plan.

8. A description of the emergency voice/alarm communication system alert tone and preprogrammed voice messages, where provided.

Maintenance. Fire safety and evacuation plans shall be reviewed or updated annually or as necessitated by changes in staff assignments, occupancy, or the physical arrangement of the building.

To learn how to become compliant with the New York State Fire Code, GloBrite Systems can help you install the necessary components in your building; not just for the sake of compliancy, to also ensure the people occupying your building are as safe as possible.



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