Is your Building Ready for Florida Gulf Storms?

There is a lot to love about the great state of Florida. Plenty of beaches – all of which are beautiful, warm weather during the winter, excellent vacation spots, year round golfing, awesome tourist attractions (can you say Disney World), beautiful people, and no state income tax are only a few reasons why Florida is a terrific place to visit and to live. However, if there is a drawback to living in this fine state, it revolves around the annual hurricane season. The term Florida Gulf storms concerns the period at the end of summer, when the temperature cools, which consequently affects the temperature of the air and ocean (and gulf) off the coast. This, in turn, leads to severe storms, and sometimes tropical storms, or worse yet, hurricanes. Hurricanes, especially ones of a higher category and wreak havoc and devastation on the coast of a state, even inland. Every year, around the end of summer, Florida goes through potential hazardous hurricane warnings. As a building owner, even though you are used to the threat, you always have to ask yourself – is my building ready for Florida Gulf storms?

Is your building ready for Florida Gulf Storms? The only way to answer this question in the affirmative is if your building has installed the latest technology from GloBrite Systems, which includes emergency exit signs and egress markers equipped with the latest photoluminescent technology – a green alternative, eco friendly method to provide reliable, glow in the dark signage that is guaranteed to work during any type of situation. GloBrite’s safety signs are durable, visible in all conditions, and are the only products that building owners can feel comfortable with during Florida’s Gulf Storm season. Even though hurricanes are spotted well before making its way to the coast, any Florida resident will tell you that hurricane paths will shift just like the wind (literally so, as the wind direction directly affects the path of the hurricane).

If you are a Florida building owner who is trying to ready your building for the Florida Gulf storm season, contact a GloBrite professional regarding their innovative and highly recommended (federal regulatory committees are making the use of photoluminescent technology mandatory in several states) egress marking solutions. A GloBrite representative will happily explain their storm solutions to you, and help you install the best safety measures possible within your building.

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