How can you Reduce your Monthly Building Safety Budget?

energy effective exit signsJust like the cost of living continues to increase in the United States, the cost of affording a large building with businesses and other occupants renting space continues to skyrocket. The astronomical cost to erect a building and pay for its monthly utility fees is causing a two fold effect: First, building owners simply cannot afford to pay for their building anymore, and are leaving it vacant. Second, building owners, due to the high cost of having a building and annual increase in monthly utility expenses, are having to charge businesses and occupants more to rent the space, which forces some smaller businesses to have to vacate, leaving the office space empty, meaning even less money for the building owner. This is important to keep in mind for the theme of this blog, which is to find ways to reduce monthly overhead for a building. One of the first areas a building owner can examine in hopes to reduce cost is his or her monthly safety budget. Whoa! Hold it! Before you freak out over the idea of reducing a building’s safety budget, which you probably think means this blog is recommending that a building’s safety concerns are not important, this blog is presenting the idea only because there exists new safety technology that is much cheaper compared to older technologies. Therefore, those building owners who switch to new safety technology can significantly reduce their building’s utility overhead.

The first, and most important step building owners can take is to completely overhaul their building’s emergency egress signage, if that signage is operating by way of electricity. With today’s technology advancements, there is no reason to have any egress signage connected to an electric power source. Not only is this a huge consumption of electric power, which directly affects your monthly utility overhead, the use of electrical emergency signage is now considered outdated, unsafe, second tier, and no longer a wise choice for a building’s safety product features. Photoluminescent technology exists, which can be used to design a building’s safety product needs. Emergency exit signs no longer need to be connected to a power source, instead, it can now use the energy from ambient light, from which it can absorb, store, and transmit as its own source of energy into glow in the dark luminescence. This is possible through the implementation of photoluminescent egress products throughout your building.

For building owners with large edifices, imagine the ability to unplug every single emergency product from its power source, and how that will dramatically reduce your energy costs. Photoluminescent technology is real, and it has been evaluated and tested by regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to which the analysis of both agencies recommend all building owners install photoluminescence throughout their structures. There is not a single statistical disadvantage to making the change to photoluminescent egress signage, so stop wasting your valuable time and money, and make the switch today.

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