High Rise Evacuation Systems for Stairwells

photoluminescentstairmarkingsOften considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious types of structures in which to live, high rises offer breathtaking views from high atop a building. High rises are attractive places to live for those who have been fortunate in their economic prosperity, and just like any other type of building or structure, whether it is for businesses, commercial, of residence, high rises require specific evacuation plans and systems in place should anything happen that forces its occupants and/or residents to evacuate the premises. Owners of high rise structures, or whoever has been put in place to be in charge of implementing the necessary features to keep the high rise up to date with emergency evacuation systems must take this matter very seriously. Codes and compliance ordinances exist that mandate buildings and structures have certain features and systems in place that have proven most successful in leading people to safety during an evacuation procedure. If these ordinances are not followed, hefty fines can be levied on the owners of these buildings and structures. But, the reason to ensure your high rise in protocol with evacuation system mandates is not to avoid fines, it is to provide the best method of evacuation needed to reach a minimum safe distance for all occupants.

If an evacuation in a high rise takes place, it means the people in the high rise will have to travel down several flights of stairs in order to reach safety. This means that the high rise will need an effective evacuation system in place for its stairwells. Traveling down many flights of stairs during an evacuation can prove quite problematic and worrisome, because people fleeing in a panic down stairwells can often be a recipe for accidents that hinder the evacuation process. That is why it is absolutely necessary for high rise owners to install the most effective evacuation systems for stairwells available on the market today. High rise evacuation systems will include glow in the dark emergency exit signs that can be read from long distances and in situations where obstacles might be involved that hinder a person’s ability to see, such as a fire that is producing thick, heavy smoke. High rise evacuation systems for stairwells will also include glow in the dark grip tape that can be placed on handrails and steps, which will help with the friction and traction on the steps, which may become slippery if the sprinkler system was activated by a fire. Grip tape will also provide the same grip enhancing ability on the handrails for people to hold on to when traveling down several flights of stairs. The fact that grip tape is enhanced with glow in the dark features make it easier to see the steps and handrails should the stairwell become pitch dark.

The mention of glow in the dark features for these products means the products are infused with photoluminescent technology, which has proven to be the best safety product enabler available. Photoluminescence enables the evacuation products to glow in the dark in any and all kinds of circumstances that require evacuation. The technology has also proven to enhance the longevity and durability of evacuation systems, making them much more reliable than any other safety system available.

If your stairwell is in need of egress evacuation systems, contact our professional staff to discuss which options are best for your building.

Watch the video below to see how effective our photoluminescent products are.

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