Take Your Construction Business Into the 21st Century with Greener Building Options

With the economic crisis of 2008 now firmly behind us, construction is starting to resume around the country. Companies are investing in new offices, and construction firms are looking for ways to maximize their business.

One way that your construction firm can stand out from the crowd is by providing green building options to businesses. Companies are always looking for ways to be greener, and one significant way they can do that is with their office space. If your construction firm is looking for ways to offer more to your clientele, consider adding these green building options to your repertoire:

  1. Energy efficient egress systems

The best option for green energy egress for builders is photoluminescent materials. Photoluminescent exit signs require no electricity to operate. They simply gather energy from ambient light and glow in excess of federal requirements. While electric exit signs require complicated installation and wiring, photoluminescent exit signs can simply be mounted in place.

Photoluminescent materials can also be used in emergency stairwells to provide a safe pathway during blackout and smoky conditions. Both of these options are not only greener but will cost building owners thousands of dollars less per year in energy costs.

  1. Water conscious appliances

Low-flow faucets, toilets, and showerheads can drastically reduce a building’s water consumption. Again, this saves building owners quite a bit of money while also making them greener. Plus, with the current interest in water conservation, there are now a number of low-flow appliance options that have a luxury look and feel. For construction firms, this means that you can help even high-end clients be greener.

  1. Solar panels

Giving building owners the option to install solar panels will help them drastically reduce their energy costs while also improving their corporate image. Depending upon the size of the building, it is highly possible that a company could fulfill all of its electricity needs with its own solar paneling on the roof. In particularly large buildings, companies might consider adding carports to their parking lots which could also be lined with solar panels. This makes employees happier and provides huge amounts of low-cost green energy to businesses.

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