Finding an IBC IFC Egress Path Marking System

photoluminescent exit lightingIn order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all the occupants of buildings and structures throughout the entire United States, as well as worldwide, industries involved in manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, as well as many others, adhere to a system of model codes that regulate the construction of both residential and commercial buildings. These adherence codes are created by the International Code Council (ICC) – an association dedicated to ensuring the complete and total presence building safety regulations, compliance, and fire prevention. The International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) are two of the most widely accepted codes in North America, as all fifty states have adopted a version of the IBC, and, of those fifty states, forty-two have adopted a version of the IFC. To ensure the regulations remain up to date and current with new building and structural requirements, the ICC revises the codes every three years to include new and innovative design ideas and technologies, new materials and methods of construction, along with fire safety, life safety, and structural stability. Recently, the ICC introduced the latest editions of the IBC and IFC, both of which contained significant code changes and additions, particularly concerning the means of egress, and how egress path marking systems are implemented.

• The IBC covers all new construction
• The IFC covers both new construction and the operational standards of all existing buildings

The most recent International Code Council mandate states that luminous egress path marking systems shall be required in all International Building Code and International Fire Code institutional, educational, business, hotel, public assembly, and R-1 residential buildings and structures. In addition, these buildings and structures must have occupied floors located more than seventy-five feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access. According to chapter ten of the most recently released IBC and IFC code standards for means of egress, luminous markings are required for all doors, steps, landings, handrails, perimeters, and obstacles. Because some buildings, structures, companies, and businesses are negligent or oblivious to the changes in mandates, rules, regulations, and quality standards, both IBC and IFC regulations are enforced by building inspectors and fire code officials, who will travel to area to evaluate whether the necessary standards are in place. This is not to provoke tensions, but to assure that maximum safety efforts are put forth to optimize the highest levels of safety protocol wherever necessary.

For more information regarding IBC and IFC egress path marking system guidelines, standards, and protocol, you should contact GloBrite Systems, where a representative will happily assist you and provide consultation on the rules and regulations set forth by both f these regulatory committees.

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