Can Your Hotel Evacuation Plan Weather the Florida Gulf Storms?

The state of Florida is a tourist mecca for people all around the world. One of the most significant tourist attractions, Disney World, brings in millions of people all over the world every year. The Florida beaches are another tremendous tourist attraction, on both the gulf and ocean sides of the state. Florida beaches boast beautiful white sand, clean and clear water, beautiful people, and luxurious hotels. Millions more people come year round to stay in these extravagant hotels, as the weather in Florida provides vacation options throughout the entire year. As a hotel owner, this is splendid news, as it means your profits will be splendid. In reality, the only major concern for hotel owners who have property and building on or near the coast is the weather, especially during hurricane season.

Florida Gulf storms can be brutal, especially towards the end of summer when the weather changes, causing the temperature of the water in the ocean and gulf to cool, which mixes with the temperature change in the air and the resulting precipitation. What occurs can be a recipe for disaster, as numerous tropical storms evolve that start making its way inland, and sometimes these tropical storms can escalate into hurricanes. This occurrence spells trouble for hotel owners, because when this happens, these owners must ask themselves – is my hotel evacuation plan able to weather the Florida Gulf Storms? If your answer is not a resounding yes, then it is time to reevaluate your evacuation plans, and to start seriously considering implementing new emergency exit signs and egress markers.

An intelligent recommendation is to research photoluminescent technology, which is a green alternative, eco friendly safety measure option that includes the latest in safety sign technology that allows egress products to glow in the dark brighter, last longer, and work more reliably without having to be connected to a power source. GloBrite Systems is a purveyor of photoluminescent safety products, and their professionals can help you devise a plan that will help your hotel evacuation plan better weather the Florida Gulf storms that tend to plague the Florida coasts at the end of every summer.





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