Building Evacuation Signs Save Lives

exit signsProbably everyone reading this blog post has, at one time or another been in a large building, hotel, and or a big indoor space that have signs used for indicate exits, doors, stairwells, and floor space. If you have been fortunate enough, you really did not have to pay much attention to the signs, because during your stay or time in that location, you were never placed in any type of immediate danger that would require an evacuation. Count yourself very lucky, because there are people out there, many more than you know, who have been involved in an emergency situation where the building evacuation signs, located in whatever type of area they were in, most likely saved their lives. When many of us think about scenarios where people had to immediately evacuate a location because their safety depended on it, we think about the travesty involving the World Trade Centers. Although that tragic event is one of the worst to have befallen our great nation, the truth is, scenarios involving emergency evacuations occur in the United States much more often than you realize. In addition, if you were to interview anyone who has ever been involved in having to evacuate a large building or structure, you can bet that they will tell you that the building evacuation sign played a significant role in saving their lives.

In the previous paragraph, building evacuation signs were spoken about in a general manner, but, when it comes to having to purchase and install building evacuation signs, they are far from generic. When you begin investigating the types of building evacuation signs for your location, you should come to the realization that there are models that clearly topple all of the others in terms of quality, dependability, functionality, and need. If you conducted your research and analysis thoroughly, then you had to come to the conclusion that building evacuation signs designed with photoluminescent technology were, by far, a cut above all other evacuation sign products. Even though photoluminescent building evacuation signs are an eco friendly, green alternative option over all other products of the like, which is a great safety tool as it pertains to the environment and to people, safety egress products infused with this technology are superior for a number of other reasons.

Based on all test results, many of which performed by representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), photoluminescent building evacuation signs are clearly superior safety tools. In fact, because of its eco friendliness, better quality, ultra dependency, and ability to operate simply by absorbing ambient energy, and not rely on electricity in order to function as intended, both regulatory agencies are making photoluminescence a mandatory utilization in several states. When you measure building evacuation signs infused with photoluminescent technology against all other models, the distinction is so clear because there is not a single statistical advantage for using an alternative emergency egress product.

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