Why Graphics Media is a Smart Marketing Investment in 2023


Why Graphics Media is a Smart Marketing Investment in 2023

Brands today have a plethora of options when it comes to reaching potential and current customers. Digital interactions rank extremely high to drive engagement, but it isn’t the only kind of marketing that should be employed. In order to keep your ideal customers with your brand top of mind, you need to keep omnichannel top of mind. 


As most marketers are aware, omnichannel refers to all the touchpoints your customers have with your brand. Creating an integrated approach that blends your digital interactions with your other interactions will create a seamless experience, proven to amplify campaign response. An excellent addition to omnichannel marketing right now is the use of graphics media which can be used in several unexpected, fun, and captivating ways to catch your ideal customers attention. The added bonus is using graphics media comes with many unseen benefits and is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing avenues. 

Consider All Your Spaces
When it comes to using graphics media in your marketing strategy, start with considering all the spaces within your store that have potential. The floor is one of the most commonly missed opportunities for brands to promote. Jessup Manufacturing has worked with numerous retailers to create big, bold pieces on the floor that not only create a more cohesive marketing experience for the customer, but also bring brightness and an unexpected pop of color into the retail space. 


A bonus with floor space is that using certain graphics media you can prevent slip and fall accidents. Look for a non-slip adhesive that you are NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance. This will not only be able to be customized with your own messaging and branding in most any size and shape, but can provide added traction even in the hardest elements of rain and snow to prevent slip and falls.


Think about your stairs, ramps, and even outdoor groundspace. Floor graphics media is perfect to engage passerbyers while providing that added layer of traction. 

Go Big and Go Bold
Walk the space of your storefront and consider where the eyes are drawn and even where as a customer you might find yourself waiting for a while (the checkout and changing room are great examples of this). Once you pinpoint several of those spots, think about going big and going bold to catch the customers attention. Full wall signage (think similar to a peel and stick wallpaper), is a great way to add interest and promote. These types of full wall panels are easy to install, leave no residue behind, and because of their inexpensive nature they can be replaced frequently. Big wall murals don’t need to be exactly fitted to the wall, consider certain shapes and cut-outs to make it fun, even layering graphics on top of one another. 


A huge bonus is these types of murals and wall graphics can be used both inside or outside. If you have outdoor space, be it glass, brick, concrete, or another material- it is likely a suitable candidate to add a wall mural. Many businesses are now doing building wraps for this exact reason!

Innovative Advertising
Beyond your business location, think of innovative advertising with graphics media. While billboards are still a widely used form of advertising, more commonly transit locations, street furniture, and geo based advertising is steadily on the rise. Consider all the people walking by large parks, subways, buses, or bus stops. Using graphics media in these spaces provide a prime way to advertise that is much less expensive than digital means and reaches your geo-market perfectly. 


This type of innovative advertising is a great way to tie in your entire marketing strategy. Bring what you are offering on digital to create an in-person eye catching marketing ad. By creating amazing subway wall murals or bench wraps you can capture a whole lot of potential customers' interest. Consider adding your social handles or website to the ads to bring it all full circle. 


Customize Your Graphics Media
As a global leader in non-slip adhesives and custom graphics, Jessup Manufacturing has over 65 years of experience. Many of our floor decals are anti-slip with NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance. With over 10,000 custom solutions completed for our customers, leverage our expertise to customize and design any graphics media to your specification, recommending the best adhesive for the marketing project to ensure top return on investment. 


Contact the experts at Jessup Manufacturing today to discuss what graphics media is the best investment for your marketing strategy today. 

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