Why are Floor Graphics So Effective?

Navy Pier pavement advertisingColorful, large and skillfully applied floor graphics naturally grab anyone’s attention simply because humans instinctively scan the floor for unexpected obstacles that may cause us to trip and fall. While some displays may catch the eye of customers strolling through trade shows or shopping malls, others may be missed due to distractions or disinterest in their surroundings.

Alternately, floor graphics cannot be overlooked, especially when they remain consistently visible and emphatic by spreading across the unobstructed view provided by a smooth, clean floor.

Research into the psychology of floor advertising versus the psychology of billboard advertising has found that humans instinctively turn their attention to the floor as opposed to something at or above eye level. This inherent tendency to keep an eye at what is happening at around our feet is further encouraged when we perceive that something may contain an informative, useful message.

Directing our attention downward also enhances our ability to give our full attention to something full of color, words and pictures, meaning that floor graphics possess the ability to consistently influence a consumer’s POD, or “point of decision”.

Since many consumers enter a store or trade show without having a set list of items to buy, the powerfully persuasive strategy offered by floor graphics is a contemporary method of advertising that is rapidly growing in popularity with all types of retailers and business owners. While expensive billboards are quickly seen and just as quickly forgotten, floor graphics may be viewed numerous times by customers as they walk through a store or trade show, a strategy that also reinforces subliminal ideas incorporated into unique floor graphics.

Start increasing customers and sales today by calling Asphalt Art, the industry’s top supplier of long-lasting, slip-resistant floor graphics. In addition to their affordability, Asphalt Art’s floor graphics are also dynamic, meaning they can also be easily removed and placed elsewhere so that a variety of displays can be easily implemented at any time to keep customers attracted and intrigued by the flow of colorful, compelling graphics enriching your floor.

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