Wet Feet? No Problem: What to Look for in Non-Slip Shower Mats for Your Bathroom


Wet Feet? No Problem: What to Look for in Non-Slip Shower Mats for Your Bathroom

A informative guide for preventing slip and fall accidents

The bathroom is meant to be a place where we can relax and rejuvenate, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous zone if we don't take the necessary precautions. All too often we hear of everyone from young children to elderly having a slip and fall accident in the shower. These wet areas create serious problems for people of all ages and can easily be avoided in many cases.


To prevent these accidents and keep you and your loved ones safe, installing non-slip shower mats is an easy and effective solution. Not all shower mats are created equal, however, and choosing the right one can make all the difference. In this article, we'll explore the key features to look for in a high-quality anti-slip bath mat for the shower, so you can choose one that will provide maximum safety and comfort.

Understanding the Risks
Statistics show that slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury in the bathroom, with seniors and young children being the most vulnerable. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year, approximately 235,000 people over the age of 15 are treated in emergency rooms for injuries sustained in the bathroom. Among this group, over 80% of the injuries are caused by falls, with slip and fall accidents being the most common type.


The majority of these accidents occur in the shower or bathtub due to the slick surfaces and wet conditions. Slippery floors are not only a hazard for the elderly, but for anyone who has a mobility issue or struggles with balance. Even healthy adults can lose their footing and fall in the shower if the surface is not slip-resistant.


The consequences of a slip and fall accident can be severe, ranging from bruises and cuts to broken bones, head injuries, and even death. For seniors, a fall can lead to a loss of independence and a decline in quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to take steps to prevent these accidents and ensure the safety of everyone using the bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Non-Slip Shower Mats
There are several non-slip shower mats available in the market, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We recommend considering the factors listed below to determine which one is best for your needs.

1. Size and Shape
Make sure to measure your shower floor and choose a mat that fits the dimensions properly. You also want to consider the shape of the mat, as some may be better suited for square showers while others are more ideal for curved showers.

2. Material

Look for a mat that is made from high-quality materials, such as natural rubber or silicone, as these materials tend to offer better traction and durability. Avoid mats made from cheap plastic, which can become slippery and deteriorate quickly.


3. Non-Slip Surface

Ensure that the mat has a textured surface to provide maximum grip and prevent slipping. Look for mats with suction cups on the bottom that will keep the mat securely in place.


4. Water Drainage

Choose a mat that has ample drainage holes to prevent water from pooling on the surface, which can lead to slipping and mildew buildup.


5. Easy to Clean

Look for a mat that is easy to clean and maintain. Mats that can be easily wiped down or thrown in the washing machine are ideal.


6. Antimicrobial Properties

Consider a mat that is treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, which can cause odors and potentially harm your health. 


7. Safety Certifications

Look for mats that have been certified by industry standards for safety and performance, such as the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), OSHA, or ASTM International.


By keeping these factors in mind when shopping for a non-slip bath mat for the shower, you can ensure that you choose a high-quality mat that will provide maximum safety and comfort.

How to Care for Your Non-Slip Shower Mat
To ensure that your non-slip shower mat lasts as long as possible, it's essential to care for it properly. Regular cleaning is crucial, and mats should be removed from the shower and cleaned with soap and water weekly. They should also be disinfected periodically to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Safety in the Bathroom Made Simple
At Jessup Manufacturing, we offer a wide selection of non-slip shower mats that meet the highest safety and performance standards. Our mats are made from high-quality materials, have textured surfaces for maximum grip, ample drainage holes, and are treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. We also offer mats that have been certified by industry standards for safety and performance, giving you peace of mind. 


Visit our website today to view our large selection of non-slip shower mats and other safety products for the bathroom. Stay safe and comfortable in your bathroom with Jessup Manufacturing.

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