Types of Outdoor Advertising That Work Best for Your Clients

Pizza AdThe company comes to you with one request: create the best advertising campaign to bring new customers through the door. Make it stellar. Make it stand out from the competition. Have customers remember the company’s name long after they have seen the advertisement as the company will be the first one that people will call.

Easier said than done. Consumers are getting tired of the regular flyers and emails. Yet the one tactic that has started to become a success is outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising consists of any type of advertising that catches the consumer’s eye while they are outdoors. Some of the most basic advertising is outdoor signs on company’s building or along bus-benches. Yet outdoor advertising can extend past just a sign on a building as you can engage in other types of campaigns that give you a competitive edge in gaining attention to your products and services.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

Rolling Advertisements: Placing advertising on the sides of your vehicles works best for a business that offers services to residents and commercial business owners. Moving companies, delivery companies, lawn care businesses, painters and similar industries benefit by having vehicle signs as a person on the street or in their yard can see the sign and know that they can use such a service.

Billboards: Billboards allow you to reach a large range of consumers. You must consider the strategic placement of a billboard, as a billboard placed a mile from your business can have consumers drive into the parking lot to see what products and services you offer. You will also have to ensure that billboards are allowed in your city.

Floor Signs: The newest advertising trend that has become very popular involves floor signs. People are finding floor signs on sidewalks, along parade routes, on stadium flooring and even on parking lot asphalt. A floor sign gains immediate attention, as a person wants to know what the sign is advertising. It reaches the broadest demographic of people without compromising the walking surface as the artwork stays visually appealing for a long length of time.

When considering the type of outdoor advertising you need for your company, check out Asphalt Art’s foil-based advertising graphics made of eco-friendly materials that are perfect for floor advertising campaigns. Design the graphic suited for your company’s products and services; and have Asphalt Art create perfect street art. For more information about floor signs and street advertising graphics, please contact Asphalt Art at 815-322-5299.

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