The 5 Greatest Life Hacks in 2022 With Jessup Anti Slip Tape


The 5 Greatest Life Hacks in 2022 With Jessup Anti Slip Tape

Ready for some easy ways to improve a few areas of your life? Enter Jessup anti slip tape. Jessup anti slip tape isn’t just for preventing slip and fall accidents, but for anything you need to get a grip on.


Here are our 5 all time favorite #lifehacks for 2022 using Jessup anti-slip tape.


#1 Athletic Equipment Grip

Get a better grip on your athletic equipment with a little Jessup anti-slip tape. Golf clubs, baseball bats, and hockey sticks are among our favorites- but really any sports equipment can benefit from a little grip tape.


#2 Prevent Shaving Nicks

The days of toilet paper on the leg or face are long gone. Secure a little waterproof anti-slip tape to your razor and never mis-step while shaving again.


#3 Beauty Benefits

From getting that perfect smoky eye to perfecting your coif, adding a little grip tape can make it that much easier. Wrap a piece around your hairbrush, blow dryer, make-up brushes, or any styling tool. You’ll enjoy a great grip and no slipping action. The days of crazy make-up smudges and hair are over!


#4 Water Activities Slip Free

From paddleboarding to kayaking, adding our waterproof anti-slip tape into the mix will make life so much easier! From stepping on and off the equipment to transporting it, you’ll have better traction making it easier and more comfortable. Good sliding and slipping, hello water fun in the sun!


#5 Stabilize…. Yourself!

Last but not least is using a little grip tape to help stabilize yourself! Anti-slip tape works wonders to provide extra traction on crutches, wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and even high heels. It’s especially helpful in the winter months with snow and ice.


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