The 10 Most Jaw Dropping Floor Advertisements

Printed floor graphics can attract today’s jaded and inattentive public consumers in ways that frankly delight and amaze. Just take a look at these outstanding examples of floor ad brilliance!

3D Illusions Make Your Ad Truly “Pop!”

Today’s consumer is bombarded with so many advertisements that they quickly blend into the background and become invisible. Your product can grab their attention by literally jumping out of the floor and demanding notice!

Pepsi Floor Advertising









Extreme Power

A battery powering an escalator? The magic of floor ads can make almost anything happen.

Duracell Floor Advertising












Light Up the Night

You don’t have to be Batman to heed the call of these cool mini-bat signals. Ordinary footpath lights become something extraordinary when turned on at night.

Batman Gotham Floor Graphic









That Cup of Coffee Really Steams!

This New York manhole cover is transformed into a piping-hot cup of coffee with a special message for the citizens of the “city that never sleeps.”

Folgers Steaming Floor Graphic












Why Not Surf to Your Connecting Flight?

The interactive capabilities of floor ads turn everyday chores into a fun adventure. This airport moving walkway becomes a mini sports adventure that kids will love.









Get Their Attention and Make Them Look Twice

The floor of this elevator crumbles away to reveal the empty elevator shaft beneath it. An attention-getter for certain!










Make Them Look at Things Differently

Floor ads aren’t just for floors. Stairs can serve as an amazing canvass for unique and creative messages of all kinds. After using this subway entrance, commuters will inevitably stop to consider the trials and tribulations of individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.










And Make Them Think

Powerful messages deserve a powerful presentation. Consider the reaction of pedestrians to this harrowing public service advertisement from Greenpeace.








Realistic Enough to Fool Anyone (or Anything!)

This bowl of dog food looks good enough to eat…if you’re a dog that is! This street advertisement is guaranteed to stop dog-walkers dead in their tracks.










Think Big!

It’s all about perspective. Shoppers at a local mall are shrunk to the size of fleas in this brilliant advertisement for Frontline.










At Asphalt Art, we employ vibrant, durable, foil-based graphics that can be applied to floors, streets, sidewalks, cement, concrete, untreated stone, and even stairs! Click here for more information about our non-slip, eco-friendly floor advertising designs!

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